How to earn money from Small YouTube Channel without adsense

Earn Money From Small Youtube Channel : If you are a small YouTuber or you have just started your own YouTube channel, and you want to earn money from your small YouTube channel then it is a bit difficult but not impossible.As we all know that every YouTuber has the same dream that his Google Adsense should be activated and he earns money from Google Adsense. But initially it is a bit difficult to earn money from Google Adsense with small YouTube channel. This is because YouTube has conditioned to activate AdSense, which will have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, only their adsense will be active.

Why do all you-tubers choose Google Ad-sense?

All youtubers choose Google Adsense because Google Adsense is the ad network that gives the most earnings. Apart from this, its ADS is very attractive from the rest of the ad network. This is a network that pays both view and click. Therefore, the first dream of any blogger or youtube is to get the approval of Google Adsense. So that he can get a good morning from his YouTube or his website in the right way.

Why are alternatives earning  methods needed?

As I said earlier, you cannot monetize YouTube channel without watching 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. Meaning that till then you cannot make money from your YouTube channel. So this means that by then your reputation will be wasted. Not at all, you can make money from your small YouTube channel. So in order to earn money from small YouTube channels, we need alternatives.

So today I am going to tell you many ways using which you can earn very good money from your small YouTube channel without even Google Ad-sense.

  • Affiliate marketing :

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is a very good trick to earn money. In this you do not need to invest a single penny. You can use any item to earn money in it. Let's say that our website or YouTube channel is above Tech where I tell about technical things. Or if my channel is over cooking, then I will choose things to be used in cooking. And I will create affiliate account on any website which gives affiliate money.If you share your affiliate link with such website, whether it is in the description box of YouTube or on your website, and if someone purchases something from that link, then you get its commission.

How to use affiliate marketing to earn money from YouTube?

In your YouTube video, you should tell a little about any affiliate product, but it should be a product that is useful for your viewers, if it is useful for them, then they will think about buying it, if not useful for them. If he does, he will not even think about them. Telling about that product, if you also want to buy this product, then the link is given in the description box. You can purchase the product by clicking from there.

  • Sell ​​your course

You can also sell your course on YouTube. If you have a skill you can tell or learn well. So you can also earn good money from YouTube. But you have to make your viewers trust your skill.

How to sell your course?

You must have a website or blogger to sell your course on which you can sell your course to your viewers. You make a video of your course and upload it on the website after making the video. And you give your terms and conditions there. And give some price so that if users see your course then they will have to pay. So there is also a way that you can make money. Many people can earn good money by doing this.

  • Sponsorship
Sponsorship is also a method. With which you can earn very well. There are many websites that provide sponsorship to you. The sponsorship has to tell you about their website or product. If you tell about them, then you get money in return. You can apply by visiting some website or mail it to some company. And send your proposal. In which you can send details of your channel and payment.
If they accept your proposal, then you can process further. This is a great way you can earn money from your small YouTube channel.

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I hope you like these tricks. If there is any way in your eyes, then definitely share. So that users can get more information.

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