What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ? Full Tutorial


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What is Search Engine Optimization ?

We all know that we need information about any thing or if we have to buy anything online, then we go to search engine and search it. Whether it is Google or Yahoo, Bing etc. Search engine optimization is the same as bringing up your website or blog or e-commerce website.

If we think like a user, whenever we do some search on the search engine, we only see 1 or 2 pages of the search engine, but behind that there are many more pages on which we do not go there. In such a situation a search engine optimization is required. If you look in the right way, then following the terms and conditions of the search engine or Google and bringing your website or blog to the top page of the search engine is called search engine optimization.

Why is search engine optimization needed?

Whenever we create a website or an e-commerce website, we also want that people will come to our website only then will the sales increase on the e-commerce website or want to increase the visits to the website. So in such a situation, we want that our website will rise on the top page on the search engine, then our website work will increase. Therefore, we need search engine optimization.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization :

  1. On page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO.
  3. Technical SEO.

On page SEO :

In on page search engine optimization, we write our website title, description, meta tag and meta description according to Google's terms and conditions on our website. Apart from this, all these things should be alt text correctly in your image. Because if the on-page optimization is correct, then only your website can be properly ranked in the search engine.

Off Page SEO:

In off-page search engine optimization, different website promotes the website. In which you have to do social bookmarking, backlinks, directory submission, image submission, video submission, article submission, pdf submission, all of this in off page search engine optimization. After doing all this, your page will get very good views and your blog will also rank.

Technical SEO :

In technical search engine optimization, you have to set your website on some tools, whose code you have to include on your website. You can see the result of your website on that tool. In which you can use some free tools. Such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console. All these tools help you in ranking your website and gives you very good views.

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