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You have a small business or any e-commerce website or any service website or you want to get paid online by debit card, credit card, net banking, wallet, and UPI.  Then you have to use a gateway to accept payment that is called a payment gateway. I talk about a physical shop or business then they can use a swipe machine or POS machine to accept payment by credit card or debit card and any customer needs to pay by wallet or net banking then the business owner has to use another option. And If you have an e-commerce website or service website then you can not send your account number to get paid by each user. so here is the solution is Digital Payment Gateway. 

Digital Payment Gateway is essential for an e-commerce website or service website but after lockdown, small business owners are also using the Payment Gateway due to social distancing. So nowadays every small business owner and website owner uses to payment gateway to accept payment from the user or customers. 

Benefits Of Payment Gateway : 

  • You can integrate it on your website to accept payment from your eCommerce website or service website.
  • You can accept payment by any method by credit card, debit card, Net banking even wallet also.
  • You can send payment links to users separately also to get payment.
  • Get payment internationally at nominal charges. 
  • Some Payment Gateway Settle the amount in the account instantly also.
So here I am going to tell you about the best Payment Gateway. You can integrate these payment gateways into your website and you can also send a payment link to the customer to get paid. Customers can pay by clicking the link sent by you using credit/debit card, the wallet also an Indian user can use UPI also. 

PayPal :

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PayPal is the international payment gateway and one of the best trustable option. You can easily be registered here. Now, In India Paypal accepting the payment options like Debit cards, Credit Card, Wallets,s and UPI also. Here all people can register if you have registered business or with the register that means you can register here without VAT and GST also. But you have to keep only the Pan Card and Aadhar card. Aadhar card for ID proof and Pan card for tax proof, Then you can start here accepting the payment and send. 

Benefits Of PayPal -  

1.No Setup Cost. 
2.No Monthly Charges. 
3.No Any Hidden Fees.
4.Online Fraud Transaction Security. 

Transaction Charges -

1.Local Payment 2.5% + Rs.3
2.International Payment 4.4% + Fixed Currency Fee 

RazorPay :

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RazorPay Payment Gateway is running by Razorpay Software Pvt Ltd. Its head office is in Bengaluru in India. Razorpay established by  Harshil Mathur & Shashank Kumar. It is the best payment gateway now a days. It is working internationally now. You can get payment easily it is supporting by debit card, credit card, net banking, Wallet, and UPI also. Here all businessman, freelancers, NGOs can register easily. If you have VAT or GST then well and good you can easily register here just in 5 minutes and if you don't have any GST then you can also register here. But you have to upload your PAN Card. Pan card is the most important thing for payment. So you can easily use this to collect payment or integrate it into your e-commerce website. 

Benefits of Razorpay -

1. Rs.0 Setup Cost.
2. Rs.0 Annual Fees. 
3. No Hidden Fees. 

Transaction Charges- 

1. 2% Per Transaction: Indian Consumer Credit Cards, Indian Debit Cards, Net Banking from 58 Banks, UPI, Wallets including Freecharge, Mobikwik, PayLater, etc.

2.3% Per Transaction: Diners and Amex Cards, International Cards, EMIs (Credit Card, Debit Card & Cardless), Corporate (Business) Credit Cards.


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PayU is the also best option to collect payment from your customer and user. PayU also supports various payment options to collect the payment just like a credit card, debit card, NEFT, RTGS, Wallet, and UPI also. You can also register here very easily. 

Benefits Of PayU-

1.Retain the focus of their customers on the products/services as PayU offers a completely redirection-less checkout experience known as the Bolt Checkout.

2.Have a better success rate in transactions because of features such as the Saved Cards option.

3.Have safe and secure transactions as PayU is PCI-DSS compliant with 128-bit encryption.

4.Best success rate

5.All payment options

6.24x7 support

7.No documents required to start integrating

8.Custom checkout experience

These are the best Payment Gateway for the small business and e-commerce website, You can also try this. If you know the better than these options then share in the comment. 


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