How On Page SEO Is The Most Important for Website


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We know very well the power of SEO and we also know the types of SEO. There are three types of SEO one On Page seo , second is Off Page Seo and third is Technical Seo. Today we are going to learn about On page Seo. We learn here the importance of On Page Seo and we'll learn about what is the right way of On page seo according to the Google Guidelines that means We'll see the White Hat SEO. 

What Is On Page SEO ?

In On Page SEO , we optimize our all web page on many criteria just like , Image , Url, context, visuals , layout etc. We have to always make perfect these things to rank on Google according to their guidelines. So Google Crawler will rank it quickly. So the finally the process of optimizing your all web pages is called On Page Search Engine Optimization. 

Why On Page SEO is important ?

Suppose  that we do a lot of work outside of our house, but if our family members are not happy or our house is not right, then there is no use of doing a lot of work from out side of our house. Just like that you are creating a lot of back-links or you doing many off page seo. But your web pages are not correct then there are no use of off-page seo. So first you have to make perfect your web pages. 

Title Optimization

You have to write a perfect SEO friendly title of your web page. You have to make a title including your main keyword and your title length should be at least 65 characters. Perfect title is the most key for the ranking of your web pages. so you have to write optimized title for your web pages. 

Description Optimization 

Description is the second major part of on page seo. Because description shows the importance of your web page and describe the motive of your web page. Google crawler can read your title and your description. 

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You can see in this image main title and description is in the search result. So your description is also should be optimized well. You can write the at 65-67 words description . Remember one thing your main keyword must be include in title and description.

Meta Title 

Meta title is also like title. But any viewer or any other user can see this. Only admin can see this or edit this. Now point is why meta title ? Meta title is specially used for search engine. Because crawler of  any search engine first read the meta title of your web page . So you have to also write the optimized meta title as usual you have to mention the main keyword in meta title and its size should be at least 65-67 characters.

Meta Description 

Meta description is also like normal description of your web pages. But any viewer can not see this. But search engine crawler can read this to rank your web pages. You have to write the perfect optimized meta description. You have to also mention the main keyword of your web page in your meta description. You can keep the length of meta description 65-67 words. 

Keyword Density 

Keyword density that means how many times you used the main keyword in your web page or in your content. Many person use many times the keywords in the content of web page but according to guidelines you should use only 2-3% keywords of total content. This is the perfect for search engine . It will help your content or your web page to rank fast. 

Image Optimization 

If you are using images in your content then you should also optimize the images. Before uploading images in your content you should rename the mages according to your main keyword, This will be very helpful to rank your pages. After that you have to take small size images, its size should be in KB not in MB. because if you use large images then your web pages will take time to load. You have to also use the Alt text in your images. Alt text is very important for seo. 

Web page Loading Speed 

Loading speed of your web page is the most essential thing. suppose that you have created very good content on your web page. You think viewers will like it. But your web page is taking too long period to open then you will not wait for that because there is many options of  users. So you have keep fast loading speed of your web pages. You can optimizes images or you can delete unusual things. 

So my dear friends these are the main factors of On pages seo. I hope you enjoyed this content. If you like this then please share with your friends or if know more things about On page seo apart form these things then please comment below. Thank you. 

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