Best Free Tools For YouTube To Increase Views And Subscribers


You are a YouTuber and want to increase views on youtube videos and subscribers. You have already used many efforts to do this. But today I am going to tell you about the best free tools to increase views and subscribers on youtube. These are totally free and after using these tools you are able to increase the views and subscribers on youtube. 

Why Do We Need  Tools For Youtube : 

Many things are available on youtube to use for a youtube but a normal youtube user can't use it. If you want to be successful on youtube then you have to utilize secret things. But as I said normal youtube users can't use it. So you have to use tools to get the tags (Keyword) ranking, best title suggestion, get the SEO score of videos. Improvement in videos etc. 

Why Do We Need Free Tools For Youtube : 

As we know that to earn money from youtube, You have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. If you didn't complete this mile then you can't earn money from youtube. So in starting you can't invest money to buy premium tools. So in starting you can start with free tools. Free tools are sufficient to get more views on youtube and increase subscribers. 


Tubebudy is the youtube certified tool for YouTubers so you can easily use it without any hesitation. It will not affect your youtube channel. You can simply install it. You can also install the chrome extension of tube buddy. You have to sign in with the same Gmail id by which you have created your channel. very easy installation and sign-in process. 

Benefits of Tube Buddy:  

1. Tubebudy will suggest you the tags/keywords according to the video's title.
2. You can see the tags of videos and the tags of the channel of other big YouTubers. 
3.  It will give you the SEO ranking of your videos. 
4. You can make a thumbnail using the screenshot of your video.
5. You can schedule the publish time of your videos.
6. You can also bulk upload your videos. 
5. Social tracker facility is also. 

These facilities and benefits are available in the free version of tube buddy. If you go with the premium version of tube buddy then you will get more facility. But in starting the Free version of tube buddy is sufficient for you


Vidiq is also one of the youtube certified tools for YouTubers. Vidiq has approx similar features as tube budy. You can visit the vidiq official website and create an account by using any email Id . after creating you account you have to authenticate your youtube channel. After authentication of the channel, you will optimize your youtube channel and videos. 

Benefits of VidIq :

1. You can optimize your channel videos. 
2. Custom recommendation.
3. Analytics for your videos.
4. Performance Comparison.
5. Subscriber Analysis. 

These benefits are available in the free basic plan of vidiq. You can also go with the premium you will get more options and benefits for your channel but starting a free plan is sufficient in starting. 

3. Rapidtags 

Rapid tag is the tag generator for your youtube videos. first, go to this website and type the title of your video then tags will generate for your youtube videos. You can directly copy these tags here and paste these tags in your videos. These tags are highly beneficial and highly recommended. The most important thing is that this is totally free. If you are a new YouTuber and you don't have any idea to get the best tags for your video. Then you should use the Rapidtag Generator. 

4. Youtube Audio Library 

If you are using background music in your video or you making any music video then you can't use normal music in your videos. If you used normal music in your video then you will get the copyright from the music owner. If you get three copyright your channel can be canceled. So you have to use safe music. You can free download music from the youtube video library. These kinds of music are copyright free. You can use it in your videos. 


When you upload videos on youtube then you have to also use thumbnail. But if you are not good at graphics design that means you don't know to use photoshop then you can use canva. Canva is the free graphics tools here you can make your own designs. You can make attractive designs here to attract your viewers. 

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