Best Website Hosting In 2021 | Paid Vs Free Hosting

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What Is Hosting?

Hosting is a space where you can put your website to show on the world wide web. You can easily put your website from the local host to online. That means to take your website online you need to take space on the world wide web to show your website. Hosting will give you many ways to arrange your files to make your website perfect. Hosting will also give you the security to keep your website's files secure. You can also get your business emails. You can create your business email like

Types of Hosting : 

1.Shared Hosting
2.VPS Hosting
3.Cloud Hosting
4.Wordpress Hosting
5.Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting :

In this type of hosting you will get the sharing hosting which means, hosting will share with you and other clients. Website hosted on the same server but you and other clients can use the other services like memory, computing power, disk space, etc. This type of business is good for small businesses but if you big website or a big e-commerce platform then this is not for you according to me. 

VPS Hosting : 

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is just like Shared hosting but a little bit different. This is specially designed for medium enterprises or businesses. In this hosting, you will share the hosting with other clients but you will get there the separate portals for your website and separated resources. That means your hosting will share with other clients but your portals will be separate from them. 

Cloud Hosting: 

Cloud hosting is the most trustable hosting these days. Because cloud hosting providing you fast delivery. Suppose that if any server is busy then cloud hosting will show your website using another server that means your website will never face any downtime issue. Cloud hosting specially designed for big business and e-commerce websites. Because they never want to down their websites. 

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress Hosting is specially used for WordPress websites. As we know that nowadays WordPress website is in trending because this a cms (Content Management System)  and it is also secure. You don't need any coding language to make a website. WordPress hosting will provide many types of facilities with hosting like themes, plugins, and many more. 

Dedicated Hosting:

In dedicated hosting, you will get the own hosting you can manage your website in your own way. You are the sole owner of that hosting. You also get an advanced setting with Cpanel and you can manage according to your requirement. If you have big website or a big e-commerce website then dedicated hosting will be perfect for you. 

Best Paid Hosting Providers :


Best Free Hosting Providers : 


Paid Hosting Vs Free Hosting: 

In Paid hosting, you will get all the facilities and also get the backup option of your website and database. If you are creating a professional blogger or website then you should always go with paid hosting. If you want to practice or want to create demo websites then free hosting is good but you want to get any professional website in free hosting then I don't suggest free hosting because if want to backup then there is not any option for backup in free hosting after you have to buy the paid plan of free hosting. 

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