History of Wireless Technologies

 Wireless technology has been used since there was a radio that used bag transmission. Finally, electronics manufacturers have begun to consider the capabilities of home appliances and clear backup management. Reliable data transmission of sensor and fast driver rules, revealing the ubiquitous air communication we see.


With the use of radio used in World War II radios, scientists and manufacturers began to focus on how to create wireless devices. Soon, radio, mobile, or cable phones began appearing in the mid-1980's. In the late 1990's, mobile phones reached a milestone among more than a million people. fifty operate worldwide. Next, the concept and power of wireless networking are discussed. Finally, the Internet is out. This has led to the advancement of air technology, which is now offered in various forms.

Wireless Technology Applications

High speeds and wireless technology have led to the development of mobile phones that use waves to facilitate communication around the world. The application of wireless technology is based on aerial data communications in a variety of fields, including pharmaceuticals, military, etc., wireless power transmission, and computer and wireless. Multipoint, airplay, etc. they are now possible and also easy to use air.

The most popular Wi-Fi technology is Bluetooth, which uses short-range wireless transmission to communicate and communicate with other compatible electronic devices. This technology has expanded to the point where keys, zoom, and other wireless components can be connected to a computer. Air technology is used:

The biggest advantage of wireless and Wi-Fi networks is their small performance. For distances between wireless devices, technologies such as Wi-Fi can be used. Wi-Fi connections can be accessed as a backup connection in the event of a network failure. Wireless technologies can be used to data services, even if they are trapped in the middle of the ocean. However, the air response time is much slower than that with a USB connection. But this gap decreases every year.

Advances in air technology

Wireless data communication is currently available with technologies such as Wi-Fi (wireless local area network), mobile data services such as GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and mobile communication networks. Communication itself has been very important for decades. But now it is possible to transfer wireless data from one place to another with multiple devices connected to the cable. Your computer network can be created via Wi-Fi, which also allows you to share data services for different systems connected to the network.

Air technology is powerful, easy to use, and can be moved at this time, without related cables. In addition to the passenger network, even local area networks have started using Wi-Fi technology (WMAN) and client software. Aviation, transportation and use of military technology in the form of satellite communications. Wires are not connected together, and air technology is used to transfer energy from the source to the load, where the load cannot be carried.

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