Why are people leaving your site? Promote your site correctly

Promote your site correctly

Just as it is essential to focus your efforts on the things that make good web design better - informative content, high-quality photos, and an easy-to-use interface, it is also necessary to think about what your site visitors won't want to see. If your bounce rate seems to be higher than it should be, but you cannot figure out why there is a good chance your site contains one or more of the five things below.

Poor overall design

Once upon a time, website promotion on Google was as easy as inserting a few keywords into your website content. However, things are much more complicated these days. In fact, Google will rate your site based on its overall design - just like your visitors. Several things can be attributed to bad design, and these include:

  • Lack of responsiveness - This happens when your site is not as visually appealing or does not run as smoothly across different types of screens and devices.
  • Poor color choice. Choosing too bright colors or placing too many contrasting colors in the same spot can make surfing worse for your visitors.
  • Bold, loud patterns - While patterns are suitable for backgrounds, it is essential to choose designs that do not overwhelm visitors.
  • Poorly sized elements - too large a heading, too small text, or improper wrap-around images - and similar issues can be frustrating and annoying as well.
  • Bad fonts - Your font should match your overall web design. If it is too large or bold, it is likely to annoy visitors, and if it is too light or thin, it will be difficult to read.

It is easy to dive into the quality of your site's content while forgetting about the overall design. The biggest goal here is to make sure the site delights visitors.

Poor or misleading navigation

In today's world of fast internet and instant digital gratification, your website must perform the way it should. Suppose a visitor cannot get the information, he or she needs within three clicks. In that case, this could violate the terms of the successful completion of the transaction. After all, why should visitors endlessly search your site for information when they can easily find it from one of your competitors?

To combat this:

  1. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and that users can get what they need almost anywhere in just three clicks or less.
  2. Make sure the photos and banners do not mislead your visitors, and clearly label your buttons with instructions such as Click Here or Buy Now.
  3. Make sure your main navigation links are neatly located within the menu and not scattered throughout the site.

 Poorly Structured Content

Content is still important to create a great website that visitors will love. Unfortunately, many people continue to make simple mistakes that make their visitors leave and affect their overall rankings. To ensure the optimal structure of your content, avoid the following:

  • Too Much Content - Review your site's existing content and remove any information that does not serve a direct purpose. It is better to have shorter, more informative content than to have a lot of content that does not really serve a purpose.
  • Failure to Submit Your Site - When someone first visits your site, they will want some kind of reassurance that they will find precisely what they were looking for. Make sure you include some sort of introduction for each piece of content that briefly explains what visitors will find on that page.
  • Displaying old content before new content.  Dynamic content is your best friend (and Google ate it), so make sure you always show your new content to your visitors.
  • Failure to include localized content. The focus on local content is huge, and Google has adjusted its algorithms accordingly. People want what they want, and they often want it now, so make sure you optimize for local keywords if that applies to you.

Too Many Effects

When people visit your site, they want to be in control of their stay, so if you think it is a good idea to set an auto-play video or background music to auto-pitch, you need to think again. People get annoyed when they focus on information that is interrupted by videos or background music that they do not like. If you are going to use a video, give the visitor a chance to decide if they want to watch it - do not force it on them.

In many cases, photos are a great alternative to videos. They load much faster, which improves your site's response time - especially on mobile devices.

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