5 Best Way to Create High Quality Follow Backlinks


5 Best Way to Create High Quality Follow Backlinks

Want to grow your website or blog then you need backlinks for this. Here is 5 best way to create high-quality backlinks for your website. If you will follow these methods and tricks then 100% you will grow your website and gain more traffic for your website.  

Write High-Quality Contents

As we know that content is king. Content will give you many opportunities for your website. If your content is about “resolving the problems of users” then customers will share your content with their friends and these types of shares will help you to make viral of your content. 

Apart from this, we are talking about Backlinks “How to create backlinks?” but if your content is good and viral then many bloggers will suggest your website in their content and promote your website then you will gain high-quality backlinks.  So the main point is to focus on gaining the backlinks.

Internal Links

Internal Linking is the most important for your website because it helps to gain more sessions and visits. Let’s understand if you interlink your content with related content as anchor text then it will pass as the backlinks apart from this it will help your website to crawl fast and it will maintain your ranking. So you have to also focus on your internal links or interlinking.  

Fix Broken Links 

Broken links give many opportunities to create backlinks. You can check the backlinks or your competitors if you find any broken backlinks or any dead links then you contact that website owner for the backlinks. They can give you the backlinks because you helped them to find an error. Now the question is “How can check the broken links?” you can use the semrush backlinks analytics. Semrush will help you to find dead or broken backlinks for free or you can also get the free trial for 7 days to use advanced features.  

Write Guest Post 

Guest post is the most trending and important method to create high-quality backlinks. You can find a Guest post website using these tricks in the search bar Keywords “ Write for Us” . after searching this you will many websites related to your keywords that are accepting Guest posts. You can contact them by mail and send them your content according to their guidelines  if they will publish your content then your website will get the backlinks 

Real Rewards is also accepting “Free Guest Post” real guidelines first. 

Creating Profile 

Profile creation is one of the best and easy ways to create follow backlinks. This method is very easy. Just visit the website that is accepting registration / Sign Up and creates your profile and submit your website link in bio from there you will get high-quality backlinks


These are the “5 Best ways to create high-quality backlinks” if you use these methods then you will get high-quality backlinks or more traffic also. Above I have mention Guest posts and Profile linking. If you need a profile linking website list or Guest Post website list then I’ll share the Website lists in the next post at RealRewards please share your opinion in a comment.  


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