Reasons To Buy a Refurbished IT products

Reasons To Buy a Refurbished IT products

Free Configure-to-Order service

If you're in search of additional flexibility, why not create new servers that will satisfy your particular IT requirements? Our team offers a Configure to Order service that provides no-cost configurations and quick delivery. If you've got any old servers We can also use them to reuse components.

Try our online tool for server configuration to create refurbished HP servers in a matter of minutes.

Excellent data security

The regulations on data don't only apply to businesses that sell their devices that store data. They also cover businesses that purchase new or refurbished equipment. So, if you purchase refurbished laptops and data center equipment as well as PCs, it is essential to pick a reliable firm that is able to clean 100% of your data.

So, how do you know the degree of security a company has? Be sure to look for certifications from industry. For example, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is an internationally recognized standard for corporate responsibility. Particularly, ISO 27001 demonstrates that all personal data of clients is secured in accordance with the highest standards for the industry. Buy laptop refurbished online in India.

If you're considering selling your old IT apparatus, ADISA is the leading IT asset Disposition accreditation that involves unannounced audits. The team we work with is among the most efficient organization to earn the ADISA accreditation, and we are proud of the security of our procedure.

The extended support period and extended product durations

It doesn't matter if you want to upgrade your existing system, or sell your old hard drives or purchase new laptops that are refurbished... it's simple to manage your entire IT cycle by hiring a specialist in refurbishment. Instead of just buying new, you can choose from an array of options that will help you to maximize the budget you have for your IT.

We offer a variety of options to help you increase your IT budget, such as upgrades to laptops as well as the IT Asset Disposition as well as IT rental. We also refurbish and purchase your old IT equipment that will save you money while maintaining high-quality equipment in circulation.


As a result of the EU Ecodesign Directive, firmware updates are now accessible for refurbishing equipment. This is something the European Parliament backed in November of 2020.

In the same way, there is no distinction between buying new and used.

Contracts for maintenance that are less expensive

Maintenance contracts offered by OEMs can be more costly than those from third-party maintenance contracts. Techbuyer provides the most affordable option.

OEM maintenance contracts become more expensive following the first three-year standard warranty. There is a possibility that this is to entice people to purchase new.

Better for your IT environment

Gartner says that 120 million new servers will be available between 2019 and 2023. The global data center market is predicted to expand by 500% worldwide over the next 10 years, we could expect this number to grow even more unless we discover more circular methods to IT hardware supply. Buy all type of Refurbished IT spare parts online. Check Refurbished acer motherboard price online

This is where I go back here to Techbuyer along with the work of the University of East London's researchers. The standard approach is to upgrade to the latest generation to boost energy efficiency by a factor of two. However, the latest trends in CPUs indicate that efficiency at the highest capacity is waning. In reality, efficiency is decreasing when idle mode is on. This means older servers that have been refurbished can have higher efficiency than brand new ones. Since servers spend the majority of their time in low power mode these findings are crucial for the current IT infrastructure administrators

Stop mining in the form of finite materials

It's not a secret that the constant production of electronic products, with no recycling and reuse, is going to have a catastrophic impact on our planet. The process of manufacturing releases significant Greenhouse Gas and Scope 3 emissions, utilizes scarce resources, and damages the landscape.

Servers, as well as storage and networking equipment, contain 23 of the 30 Critical Raw Materials (CRMs). These are resources, including silicon and aluminum, will run out within the next few decades, and are generally mining illegally.

If you think about the fact that data centers are projected to consume between six and eight percent of the world's electricity by 2024, it's evident it's a massive issue. Making sure that our devices remain in use, and reducing the need to make new ones, is the most efficient solution.

E-waste that is reduced

It's not just that buying used help reduce the need to produce new items, it also helps reduce the amount of e-waste. More than 50 million tons of electronic waste are put into landfill each year. According to the World Economic Forum says this is equivalent to the weight of every commercial aircrafts ever constructed and, unfortunately, this figure is expected to increase.

There are many reasons for this inefficiency. The first is that IT refresh times are quite high. Servers typically last for three years prior to being removed. Additionally, frequently used IT equipment is being recycled or destroyed instead of data erased and rebuilt. Increased awareness about security ITAD and data erasure solutions is required in this regard.

Making use of the resources are already in our possession, we can make a sustainable economy. This helps reduce e-waste and its environmental impact. One example is Microsoft's brand new Circular Centre that will recycle and reuse old servers. It is part Microsoft's plan to eliminate waste by 2030

Fully in compliance with WEEE Regulations

Certified refurbishment experts are in compliance in 2013, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations. This means that the devices after being refurbished and then used, are responsibly recycled instead of going to the landfill.

Carbon footprint of the supply chain is reduced. footprint

Servers comprise a significant amount of aluminium, steel and other plastics. Three of the five most harmful contributors to greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes around the world. Dell's research on carbon footprints of its products indicates that the carbon used in the production, mining and transportation of servers before it is put to use can be as high as 1200kg CO2e for a typical tower server and 1300kg CO2e for an typical rack server and 1750kg CO2e in the typical blade server.

Making the decision to upgrade and prolong the lifespan of servers can save on a substantial amount of carbon dioxide per unit. This could then be applied to the carbon accounting of an organization.

Inspiring research from industry-leading researchers

The latest research is revealing exciting possibilities for refurbishing IT equipment. Research findings from universities give assurance of the top quality of equipment and help spread the benefits of the refurbished. From finding innovative ways to reuse IT hardware, to studying the efficiency of used servers is certainly a fascinating industry to participate in.

A prime example of research that is leading the way in the industry includes one of the most innovative research projects is the Circular Economy of the Data Centre Industry (CEDaCI) project. Through gathering IT professionals, academics, and manufacturers, and researchers, the project has found answers to questions that have been asked for a long time within the industry. This will allow for further reuse of data center equipment.

In November 2020, the European Parliament supported in November 2020 the Right to Repair. In simple terms, this means that individuals can repair and reuse their technology devices in the event of malfunctions. In the past, when equipment failed users had to pay costly manufacturer fees or purchase new.

In announcing their support for this campaign, it is clear that the European Parliament are supporting a more sustainable technological approach.

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