Disruptive Technologies - How Music Editors Are Related To Steam Engines


I don’t like technology that changes rapidly and constantly. But I see the technological process in which scientific applications are developing.

In all of these processes, advanced technology can be a determinant of industrial efficiency, an input process that always follows technology. Although not a Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen promoted the idea of   "destructive technologies" until 1997 in his best book The Innovator's Dilemma, this phenomenon already appeared in 1663, when Edward Somerset published a plan for steam and had power to install it. . - ya.

According to Clayton Christensen, breakthrough technologies have not yet begun to work and high-profit margins are focused on a single market segment. However, they are developing faster than corporate stocks, but in the end, the giants are regaining large market shares, as their technology is cheaper and more efficient can meet the needs of the people first market.

In this case, the engine of the boat takes away the power of the horse. The demand for electric bikes was not high at first, due to ignorance, and then developed it, simplicity and horse. However, with the increase of economic activity and the prosperity of society, the market for special boat engines is opening fast, where people need modern and fast travel.

Featuring state-of-the-art conversion technology is Napster, a fun and easy-to-distribute music program that allows users to share any record of a single song online. The annoyances here are the producers of traditional music. Napster finds people “out of the box” who want to express their own fears for marketing, so they give them what they want. Napster soon grew and changed the way the Internet was used. 

However, there are more concerns about defining new technologies than just descriptions themselves.


One misleading characteristic of advanced technology is technology support. While the former brings new innovations, the second refers to the “additional growth that is consistent with results” included in products available to market owners. The support system can also be powerful; New enhancements can streamline the production environment, and the ease of Napster Music Editor can organize and share music beyond full file transfer. Music publishers are part of Lancaster’s sustainable technology and not the source of further chaos. This allows the bracing system and bras to perform well together until the next rash.

See how music publishers are affected by the machine gun? Not very close, but each represents a part of the two engines that provides the technical power going forward; Destroyers produce bras and bras.

The typed bra brings us a different perspective to technology: it not only changes the way people shop, it also removes the next generation of technologies that make technology worse. things went well. Sometimes assistive technology can create anything on its own, even if the person is locked up to prevent chaos. Music writing and editing software continue to thrive, despite low Napster (although many other file sharing services are currently in use), as well as products such as AV Music Morpher Gold and Sound Forge 8.

Part of this article allows me to ask the first question. It’s not that corporate leaders don’t have a vision to see chaos unfold. They can't. At first, it was not a fascinating and destructive technology. No one can predict how Napster grew up and entered the market for good audio software, such as music editors and mixers, except for the disabled. Even if predicted, there is a “problem of novelty” that cannot perform the part.

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