IBM Power Systems Virtual Server designed to improve the performance & security

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server designed to improve the performance & security

The more advanced and technologically advanced businesses become, the more important security becomes that does not compromise the performance. In the last year, we've seen massive ransomware-related attacks cause legitimate businesses to be affected by operational disruptions or data loss, and even lawsuits that cost hundreds of millions. More than waiting several months for financial recovery, the incidents could have lasting effects on the image of your customers.

Security multilayered and high-uptime

It is essential to think about your security needs by adopting a proactive attitude. Over the years, IBM Power Systems has been a renowned provider of end-to-end security solutions for on-premises systems, and it protects every level of your IT software and hardware stack from external and internal dangers.

Power Systems Virtual IBM Server technology continues our mission to provide the security and protection that businesses today require in an ever-changing and demanding online environment. We have combined the security and security of an on-premises environment with the security and reliability of a virtualized environment and technology.

The best option is SAP. It's the best choice for SAP workloads

For companies that have SAP workloads The clock is going by. Customers must upgrade towards SAP S/4 HANA by 2027. SAP S/4 HANA platform in 2027. If you think about this date along with the ever-growing necessity to adopt a hybrid approach it is imperative to start using IBM Power Systems Virtual Server -- the sole on-premises as well as off-premises certified Power solution that can handle SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver platform workloads. It provides an experience that is truly hybrid throughout the entire process.

In addition, the availability of SAP tasks is an important factor to take into account. In the ITIC 2020 survey, 88 percent of businesses report that unplanned downtime is costing them USD 300,000 for an hour that's USD 4,998 per minute per server.

Smaller HANA T-shirt sizes will be accessible on IBM Power Systems Virtual Server in the coming months, which means there will be more than fifty SAP certified HANA instances. The smaller instances will range between 128GB and 768GB when 4 cores are used.

IBM Cloud connection

We are pleased to offer an automated process to link IBM Power Systems Virtual Server instances to IBM Cloud(r) resources which include both classic as well as VPC networks. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server 10Gb/s Direct Link Connect 2.0 IBM Power Systems Virtual Server Direct Link Connect (10Gb/s) 2.0 was designed specifically to allow the access of IBM Cloud resources, with greater performance, and in a user-friendly, streamlined manner.

Multi Tenant environments

You can achieve high levels of performance while not the need to use up resources. Enterprises can use IBM AIX(r) as well as IBM the i workstations. In side of the Linux(r) aspect of the workloads our clients enjoy the option of deploying the SAP SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 and 15 OVA boot images, as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.1 and 8.2 capabilities. These applications can be run on just half of a core, which allows them to expand and run workstations both on and off premises which reduces costs and accelerating the modernization of applications.

Multiple payment options

The pay-as you-go and savings plan subscription options let you pay in the way that best suits your company's requirements. If you choose to pay as you go businesses have the option to utilize data center capacity and resources when required. In addition, savings plans provide the possibility of a 30% discount on 1-year commitments, and up to 40% discounts for three-year commitments.

Insufficient maintenance of the infrastructure

You should focus on your most important work. This is why IBM ├╝bernimmt the responsibility of managing and maintaining infrastructure from our customers' hands. We also assist you to in the process of modernization and expanding to hybrid cloud using IBM Systems Lab Services and IBM spare parts

Designing and testing

We are aware that having non-production configurations is crucial for companies as they work to be innovative. Scalability of IBM Power Systems Virtual Server allows our customers to manage multiple sandbox environments at the same time without having to spend more capital. They are also able to make the logical partitions (LPARs) upwards and downwards according to the need, and utilize a bursting feature during the time needed.

Take a look at our road map

If you're just beginning to learn about Power servers, there's never been a more comprehensive offering that can drive innovation for your company -- and an ideal moment to start. Here are some of the things our clients can expect to experience in the near future.

Updates focusing on ISO27k standards to protect your privacy.

SOC 2 amenability

Credit Card Industry (PCI) acceptance

VPN as the service (VPNaaS)

IBM Cloud credit management

Network automation features

Services for backup and restore

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server in action

One of our clients is one of the biggest logistic companies throughout Spain, Portugal and beyond that provides goods to clients across verticals, such as pharmaceutical, automotive, and electronic. In the event that the COVID-19 epidemic led to a rise in the internet, the company needed an environment that could handle the massive scalability that it was experiencing, without putting greater stress on its IT staff that was already having a hard time with bandwidth. Through IBM Power Systems Virtual Server the client was able to achieve this scale and was able to manage the increase in traffic. The greatest part is that our client now has the ability to concentrate on delivering outstanding results to its clients across the world as we take care of its IT infrastructure.

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