How to increase Subscribers and Views on YouTube by Comment

How to increase Subscribers and Views on YouTube by Comment

If you are YouTuber and want to grow your channel then you have to increase views and subscribers on your channel. It is a big challenge that "How to increase Subscribers and Views on Youtube ?" But there is no need to panic, today in this blog we will understand about such a growing method that will help you to increase up to 100 Subscribers in a day. This is a very easy and fun method and you can also call it a trick.  

If you look at this screenshot, you will feel that as much as there is not like on 1 video, it is on 1 comment as well as a lot of replies has been done on this comment. Now you can guess from this how much traffic would have gone to this commenting channel. Really a lot of traffic must have gone and even if his channel is not good, still, his channel will grow and subscribers will increase and views too. 

So you have understood how important the comment is. But you should know the right way to comment. Comment only from the account with your channel because your comments act like backlinks for your channel and help in growing your channel. 

How to comment on a youtube video

The first question is, "How do we do it?" You watch the entire video and decide what you liked, what you didn't like, and what was humorous. Tell us about it in the comments. Your input must be both authentic and valuable. Then, if you comment on the channel's video, the channel owner will check your channel, and if your content is good, he will subscribe to your channel.

simultaneously, the subscribers of that channel will also go to your channel through your comment and automatically the views and subscribers will start increasing on your channel.

On which video should I comment 

you can comment on any type of video. But those comments will only increase your channel views but not subscribers. You have to find a video with more views similar to your niche and you have to comment on that video. It Will continue to be similar to your niche and if the user likes your comment, then only they will subscribe to your channel. Let's assume that my channel is related to tech, then I will comment on tech-related videos, only then tech-related users will be able to view your channel and also subscribe to your channel. 


Now that we understand how important comments are for our channel, the proper comment, done correctly, will increase both views and subscribers on your channel. If you practice this tactic for at least a week, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits. How did you like this trick? Please let me know in the comments, and if you know any more tricks, please share them with us as well. You must share this blog with your friends so that it can help YouTubers.

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