Sociological Study of Poverty

Sociological Study of Poverty

The rise in population gives result to the increasing poverty in the society. The sole reason behind this is the increasing burden on available resources and the rising rates of unemployment, with the rising population. 

Poverty is yet again an important topic that sociologists study about in order to deal with it and in fact offer solutions to control it. 

Poverty gives rise to asset lessness, landlessness, joblessness, deprivation and helplessness in such people. The excessive rates of the increasing poverty may give rise to powerlessness as well as result in crushing the spirit of people. They are the sole reason behind food insecurity and livelihood insecurity.

Therefore, this topic becomes an important subject of study and research paper writings among the sociology students, and they may sometimes need assignment help with the same. 

There are several ways we can define poverty as. It may be defined as a social condition that is a direct result of the lack of resources that are required for the survival or mandatory to meet the basic needs or minimum standard of living of an individual. 

Amartya Sen described poverty as not just the lack of money but also as the lack of capability to realize the full potential of an individual, as a human being. There have been several research paper writings on poverty which have justified the reasons behind it and predict the best possible solutions. 

Poverty is a multi-dimensional concept that has multiple determinants and multiple indicators. There are various features of poverty, which are as follows:

  • Poverty results in fewer assets, low income and landlessness. Due to lack of income the other two factors become unachievable and individuals merely have a hand to mouth existence. 
  • As a result of poverty, individuals are not able to have a complete diet, therefore low consumption of resources. Such individuals hardly have any savings and are more in debt. Their entire life goes in the payment of these debts and thus they aren’t able to save a penny.
  • Poverty is a direct result of the joblessness among individuals. Those who do not have a stable job or rather no job are the ones who are not able to manage their household needs and thus and up in poverty. Their savings don’t take time to exhaust.
  • Poverty results in illiteracy among children. When one is not able to manage the basic needs of his and his family, how can you expect that the individual will be able to let his child have a good education, or as a matter of fact, even any kind of education. 
  • Rather, the parents employ their children into some or the other work, that may earn them a living. Even if free education is being offered to students, parents don’t want to avail this opportunity because their children may utilize the same time in working and earning for the family. In the same manner, students lack formal education and training. 
  • When people are not able to get balance diet, it results in the lack of proper nutrition in their body and thus diseases mark their entry into the house. Poor health has become a basic characteristic of poor households. 
  • This may sometime even lead to the death of individuals suffering from serious diseases because they are not able to manage the funds that have to be put to get proper health care facilities. Therefore, poor health, hygiene and sanitation are yet another feature of poverty. 
  • The poor sector of the society are the ones most marginalized because they are not considered to be the part of our society, rather the ones which are there for our assistance. These people, due to lack of income depend highly upon the upper classes and other sectors of society for their resources and their funds. 
  • It is a very obvious fact that the poor people see to be less exposed with the facilities offered to people. Their lack of exposure and the lack of education prevent them from having any contact with the key people and key institutions of the society. As a result of which these people are not able to get what they want at the right time. The direct result of this is the little involvement of such people with the influential forums of the society.
  • There is a visible competition among this sector for the available resources.  There are less resources and more people and thus there is always this competition. 
  • The poor sector of the society is always considered to be the ones to be at the service of the upper classes and thus are always subordinated. This section thus keeps on going down in the economic vulnerability scale. 
  • Such people usually survive keeping in mind that they are somehow able to manage the day’s meals. Thus, you cannot expect them to have any future plans and have a subsistence living. 

All these features of poverty make it necessary to deal with it at the right time, so that any society is not on a decline mode. It is important to understand that everyone has a right to an adequate standard of living for the health and well being of the individual as well as his family. As it is rightly said that if poverty remains in any society, prosperity is hindered in the entire world.

Poverty can play a few roles in the society. It may result in creation of new jobs to address this issue. 

People may also land up taking menial jobs for their survival. In such cases, there may remain low wages for these daily wage workers, and they would have to unwillingly take it for their survival. 

But poverty may also ensure the low cost of basic products so that the basic needs of poor are addressed. 

Poverty is not the result of bad luck of poor but of the inefficient governance in a country. These points are sufficient enough to provide assistance to sociology students for their assignment help.

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