Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

Why the wine? Or is this the reason for the so-called alcohol and beer? In fact, the first answer to this question is: TTB compliance and regulation (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Business Tax). Once you have gone, the remaining new opportunities can be used to copy the market division. The truth is, there is a small house with sealed bottles to produce items in the grocery store. Currently, this technology helps to set the maximum tag area in RFID (ID / Radio Frequency) technology. On your phone, click on the DOMAIN Communications (NFC) plug-in near the bottle and see what appears on your information if the label is present on the label.

Depending on the budget of the winery and the number of smartphones including RFID readers (the newest smartphones have the ability to read), wine, beer and spirits can be used by the user immediately as he stands in front of a bottle body or. These computer stickers can provide information in any form. Messages can open sounds, messages or web pages automatically; The cheapest option is to use NFC stickers included in the real icon or flexible film that is placed on the bottle.

This NFC technology has many names, such as OpenSense smart tags, tags, and tags; My name is Tap Labels. Smart Business (a retail company) has started appearing in the food, personal care, and pharmaceutical markets. While alcohol is intoxicating, beer and wine are around 100%. Companies that use beautiful brands are not only big games and restaurants and toilets, but small startups also use it. In general, labels are product manufacturers that provide consumers with more information than can be printed on the brand. But the value of these stickers is not only the abstinence of other information, but also the type, loyalty, increased sales, etc.

QR codes have been around for decades. They may perform some of the functions that nfc names can, but they are very small. More information about NFC QR against the code can be found.

Twenty years ago, I divorced a man on RFID (Radio Frequency and Identity) technology for gambling. This unique technology is currently being used to allow casinos to monitor and track online casinos. Ken Smith, author of on November 5, 2012, reported that the Wynn / Apparition casinos in Las Vegas began using RFID-enhanced pages in 2005. Concept: The advanced level of tag technology allows companies to have communications with customers. Before buying a product.

Several years ago, icons began to provide companies with tools to track product sales, analyze parts, and change prices immediately. Then comes the sign of the radio card, which grows and becomes active in the monitoring capabilities of the product; Read and record information and tags on an RF card. Depending on the strength of the RF card tag, information can be read not only from the tag but also written on the tag; We do not want to forget the QR (QR Code) that most smartphones can read and to get screen feedback from the connection link. The QR sensor, developed in 1994, has an application that is similar to a reader. Today smartphones use QR power capabilities and the latest in competition for integration with NFC tags.

An NFC smart tag is actually a thin RFID tag like 3 sheets of printer or 0.0002 inches. When a tag with an NFC tag is added and saved to a compatible NFC information, the phone receives a pre-recorded message. For example, an employee may be redirected to a designated location. The user can design a fall site / page such as a winery, brewery or bar to make them feel comfortable. The size of the Nfc message can be about 7 KB. Again, the largest and most powerful RFID models can provide much greater space and space, as well as cost and cointegration.

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