Top Resorts in Bangalore to Refresh Your Daily Routine



To refresh our daily routine life, to take a break from bustling work, to have a peaceful time, to rejuvenate our mind and heart, to boost up our body, resorts are the best place. Those top resorts in Bangalore which are a gateway for relaxing are listed here along with the information about the amenities and activities provided by the top resorts in Bangalore. They are:



One of the top resorts in Bangalore is Royal Garden Resorts which is 9 kilometers from the centre of the city. It is a luxurious resort with the facilities of Free WiFi, 24 Hours Front Desk, Breakfast, Room Services, Laundry and Non-Smoking rooms. Foods available are both vegetarian and non - vegetarian. It is comfortable as well as memorable with a greenish garden. 


It is famous among local peoples and tourists because of its wooden cottage. It is just 12 kilometers away from the city center. It serves a variety of vegetarian and non - vegetarian foods. Amphitheatre, Gym, Boardroom, Swimming pool, Spa, Lawn Tennis, Treasure Hunt, Outdoor Badminton, Cycling, Mini Cricket, Kids Play Area, Valley Ball, Darts, Carrom and Basketball are the activities and facilities available here.


Holiday Village is a peace and comfort resort which is 16 kilometers from the city center. It is familiar for all occasions like weddings, birthday parties, receptions, get - together and for many private events. Conference Hall, DJ Hall, Swimming Pool, Party Areas are the facilities and Beach Volleyball, Football, Table Tennis, Snooker are the activities provided by the holiday village resort. One can enjoy both tasty vegetarian and non - vegetarian foods.


One of the top most best resorts in Bangalore is Radiant Resort which is 17 kilometers from the city center. Vegetarian and non - vegetarian foods are provided here. Complimentary Breakfast, Ayurvedic Spa, Television, Meeting Venues, Air Conditioning, Free WiFi, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Swimming are the amenities served by the Radiant Resort which is designed  with tall trees along with creeping birds and greenery and lush landscape.


Another luxurious resort which is within 17 kilometers from Bangalore is Eagle Ridge Resort which is very famous for its country style cottage. It serves delicious foods from Continental, Indian as well as Chinese dishes. Billiards, Table Tennis, Chess, Swimming pool, Football, Carrom are the activities that can be done here. It also has a Conference Hall.


Xplore Adventure Resort is one of the top resorts in Bangalore which is 18 kilometers away from the city center. It is an eco - friendly, peaceful and within a greenery landscape. The special amenities by Xplore Adventure resort is On - Site Conference Hall and Swimming, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Delicious vegetarian and non - vegetarian foods, spa and more are the facilities available here.


Manipal County Resort is situated just 21 kilometers away from Bangalore city center. The main attraction of this resort is it is decorated with simple design. Free WiFi, Satellite Television, Residence Doctor, Board Room, Children's Park, Gym, Yoga Center, Swimming Pool and Aromatherapy Spa are the amenities available in this resort. And also there are two restaurants which serve both vegetarian and non - vegetarian.


One of the top resorts in Bangalore is Mango Mist Resort which is 25 kilometers away from the center of the city. The name Mango Mist is perfectly suited to this resort as the resort is surrounded by mango trees. There are 20 cottages and one tree top cottages which are eco friendly. The speciality of this resort is that it serves delicious vegetarian and non - vegetarian foods which are cooked with organic ingredients. Adventure sports, Outdoor sports, Outdoor and Indoor Games, Kids Play Area, Swimming Pool, Premium Hot Tub, Attached Pool, Laundry,WiFi, Room Service, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Camping Huts, Camping Tents and Mist Dance are the amenities and activities available in Mango Mist Dance.


One of the top luxurious resorts in Bangalore is Golden Palm Resort which is 25 kilometers away from the city center. The inspiring infrastructure, the immaculate services and well organised facilities are the most attractive things that differs it from other resorts.  The main feature of the Golden Palm Resort is, it is the biggest Swimming Pool in India and a large Banquet and Conference Hall. Squash Court, Badminton Court, Tennis Court, Billiards, Table Tennis and more Indoor and Outdoor activities are available. Either vegetarian or non - vegetarian foods are served as preference.


Other than these top most familiar resorts, there are some other famous resorts like Golden Tulip Resort, Royal Garden Resort, Aadya Resort, Mengundi Resort, Tranquil Woods Resort, Wonderla Resort, .Clarks Exotica - Convention Resort,   Discovery Village Resort, Jade Coconut Grove Resort, Jade 735 Resort, Chairman’s Jade Club Resort, Silver Oak Resort, The Eagleton Resort, Angsana Resort,  Signature Club Resort, Windflower Prakruthi Resort and Guhantara Resort.

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