Best 10 Free Blogger New Templates for Google AdSense Approval 2022


If you are using blogger and want to get google AdSense approval. Here I am sharing the 10 best free blogger template that is really Google Adsense Friendly, SEO Update, and Responsive. 

After using one of these templates your website will be able to get google AdSense approval or you can rank your website easily on google.

Paperify Blogger Template

Download Here

Paperify Blogger Template is the new theme for multiple trending niches like news, tech, sports, etc. It comes with many new features for example dark mode, grid post, RTL version, video category to display the videos of the blog, and several more further. The most advanced feature of the theme is that it is very easy to customize according to the users and the blog niche specifications. This single theme contains various types of widgets then also loads fast compare to other blogs. Paperify is designed by the updated algorithm of the blogger framework. It comes with a good SEO-friendly structure so that it will easily rank on all the search engines. The theme is fully responsive and easily arranges itself according to the different devices and their screen sizes. It has such an eye-catching and unique structure that it will hold the targeted audiences and traffic on the bog. This theme is Adsense ready and gets approved for ads in a short period of time. and also it has extra spaces for auto AdSense ads.

Amalia Blogger Template

Download Here

Arnalia logger Template is specially designed for the lat. trending niches. It is the fastest blogger template with a simple and classic structure. It is d.igned by using the lat.t coding languages and it has the latest generation of blogger framework so you'll get oulstanding loading speed. It also has multiple latestfeatur.and functions.This template is ffilly r.onsive on various type of devices tablets, mobile, a. desktops. It has an awesome and elegant look It has various social media sharing options where the readers can easily share your blog on their social platforms. promote In this theme, there are a variety of custom editing options where you can easily modify it rdated to your niche a. targeted audience.The Amalie is designed in such a way so you can easily place ads on this without disturbing the theme layouts. News, ffishion,food,are suitableforthis theme. It has such an eye-caching a. responsivelook that it will surely seek the attention of your visited readers and give a boost your Wog traffic. Thy can be your right Wog theme  Responsveee oif  Ryud y, aAdapted nFko tmo W oonr daPll rehe, AsedaSr cR. dy,Retinak R eady, Dler, oYpa Dhow nB Mingen uet,c Simple, Fast Loading,  Social Bookmark Read, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clean, Browser Compatibility, 2 Column, Elegant, White, Stylist, WhatsAPP Sharing, Free Premium, Google,3Column Footer,ANIP. 

ProSEO Blogger Template

Download Here

ProSPO Blogger Template is one of the finat them. daigned for Blogspotcom (hlogger). This theme is for some important and famous niches like Personal hlogs, Nes, Businases, etc Pro° is very easy to customize and has many unique and latest features. It is SPO friendly and has the ability to stand your Wog at a good search resulls ranking. Pro Seo theme is fully raponsive and supporls an device like mobile, tablet, desktop, etc It is also AdSense friendly so that you can easily get AdSense ads approval and monetize your blog in less time. It has Such a minimalist and eye-catching design that will gi your audience and bettr blog experienc a. also help your Wog to generate a good amount of traffic The structure ve and the widgets o  f the template are so wee ll arranged that automatically sortyour content in a proper forma. In -Ns, theme all the social plugins have been updated according to the trend so that audience can easily connect with you and all platforms. It is specially daigned for search engine rankings. In the end, if you had chosen this theme for your Wog then this is the best choice even for personal or professional websites. Simple, Fast L.ding, Responsive, Seo Ready, Adapt. Frorn WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Read, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumnais, Clean, Browser Compatibility, 2 Columns, Elegant VVIlite, Stylish, wnatsApe Sharing, Free Premium,I.Right Sidebar, News,Grid,Technology, Black, Magazine, Google,ANIP, Mega Menu,Slidahow. 

Embe Blogger Template

Download Here

Embe °logger Template is designed with the modern t.hniques of bloggerframework and by keeping in mind the Iat.t updat.of BlogspoL It is fully customizable and easy to use.By using blogger customizations optionsyou can easily make changes to this theme. This theme is specially .igned for some sel.tive nih. like Food, Fashion, News, Magazines, etc The theme d.ign is very attractive a. simple in nature. It is built by using updated technologies and consists of can code which makes the webs. fast in loading The red ponsiven.s of the theme is compatible with all typ. of devices 17.ktop, Tab, and many more. On the top, you will get to see the carousel which has a unique a. minimal structure. In the sidebar widget, you can promote your social media platforms and also promote your other content. At the bottm,there is a new feature whereyou can display your lnstagram posts and trending hashtags. In the me is an .ra space where you can display the AdSense ads. The theme structure and d.ign are fully E0 a. user friendly which will help your website to rank various types of search engin. like google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Simple, Fast Loading, R.ponsive, Seo Ready, Adapt. From WordRr.s, Ms Ready, Rink, White, Retina Ready, Br.dcrumb Navigation Ready, Portfolio, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Rage Navigation Menu, Rost Thumbnails, Clean, BrowserCompatibility, Columns, Elegant, Minirnalist,Stylish,WhalsApp Sharing, Free Premium, Right Sidebars,1 Right Sidebar, Google,AMR, Fashion, Minimal,Girly, lnstagram R.dy,Slideshow. 

Generik Blogger Template

Download Here

Generik Blogger Template is one of the lat. templates of 2021. This template is designed by using the latest blogger framework and blogger updates. If you have selected the blogger CMS platform and also have chosen the nich.. Tech, News, Magazines, etc then ffiis theme is perfectforyou.As P has all ffie lat.and fully optimized ffinctions in it This theme contains a navigation bar with Megarnenu and dropdown features, It has three social media sections for audience interaction. In ffie widget, you'll get to seethe popular post section where your popular post will be displayed. The template is full SE0 frierldly and also helps you. rank your Wog on different search engines. It is easy to customize according to the requirements through ffie layout section in blogger. The ffieme is suitable for all types of devic.either is your mobile phone or Desktop a. is also compatible with all browsers. The theme is fast in loading, has a very minimal esign, and has an eye-catching design ffiat will help you to increase your audience a. traffic It contains some extra space where you can place your AdSense ads without disturbing ffie theme code. Blue, White, News, Ms Read, 1 Sidebar, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean, Minima., Seo Ready, Magazin, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Post Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Fast Loading, Browser Compatibility, WhatsApp Sharing, Elegant,Google,AMP,Blogger LayoutVersion 3.0, Mega Menu, Technology 3Colurnn Footer. 

FlashNews Blogger Template

Download Here

FlashNews Blogger Template is one of the best them of 2021. It is fully optirnized with all the latest features a. nctions. If you are planning on creating a news, Magazine, Sports, Fashion webs. then Flashnews will be the best for all, has a simple and eye-catching look. Pals° hasvarious typ, of categories to sortyour content in a good manner. The theme is fully responsive and compatible with all typi of devices like mobile, Tab, Laptop, Desktop, etc. This theme will definitely give you the hi., ranking and search vv on all the search engins. If you had zero knowledge about coding then also you can easily customize -tlie .erne according to their requirement. FlashNews con.ins some widgets where you can easily add your social media icons promote your content. There is one About section where you can add about You or Your Nog-reaedi.igned in such a unique manner if you place Adsense ads in FlashNews it will auomai® adjust space without any mess. In Flashnews you will get to see two special types of slid. to displaY Your content to your audience in an effective way. On the right-hand side, there is a trending post section where your weekly popular post will appear. Simple, Fast Loading, Responsive, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordFress, Ads Read, Retina Ready, Drop DownMenu, Social Bookmark Ready, Blue, Post Thumbnails, Clean, Browser Compatibility, Technology, Elegant, white, minimalist Fashion, Stylish, WhatsApp Sharing, Free Premium, Slideshow, Ciciogle, AMP, Personal Pages,3Column Footer. 

Foxify Blogger Template

                                          Download Here

Foxity Slogger Template is one of the best themes if you are thinking of creating the news, magazine, stock market, or even bsite. The theme is very minimalist, attractive, and responsive in nature for all devices. This theme has all the latt tures a. is prised an updated version of the blogger framework It is .sy to install a. has a fast loading speed. Also, It is very .sy to customize though you have zero knowledge of coding. The theme has multi-dropdown and mega menu f.tur. in the navigation bar wfth Dark mode. There are multiple sections where you can add all your social m.ia links, popular posts, Total number of page visitors, and many more according to your niche. if You have a youtube channel then there is a section where you can add your latest video link. promo. Atthe footer,there is an About us section whereyou can add a small summary aboutyou or about your Wg, and atthe right bottorn,there is RTL(Left Right) feature. The theme is .11y SPO-Friendly and SPO-Optimized so It will help your blog to get good r.ults on various search Google, Yahoo, Bing, eta Simple, Fast Loading, R.ponsive, Seo Ready, Adapt. From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Drop Down Menu. Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumnais, Clean, Browser Compatibil rty, Coumns, Elega nt, White. Stylish, Wt....pp Sharing, Free Premium,1 Right Sidebar, Technology, Blue, Magazine, Google,AMP, Mega Menu,Load More. 

NewPress Blogger Template

                                          Download Here

NewPress Blogger Template is a dean and simple-looking blogging theme with appealing d.ign and .ractive looks. It features mesmerizing functionalities that will help you to build professional-looking blogs. It is a fully p.ponsive theme that can easily adjust its dimensions according to the screen size or device type of the user. This theme is based on the latest generation blower framework with updated technologie for bug-free setup. This theme is highly optimized and has schema markups which will help you in building a great SE0 score. This theme is most suitable for news a. tech Wogs, you can use this theme to build blogs for many other niches like sports, education, heal., edu-tech, travel, food, a. many more. It is one of the most simple yet perforrning themes for Blogspot. lue, White, ews, Columns Foote, Ads Ready,ISidebar,IRight Sidebar, Clean, Minimalist, Seo Ready, Magazine, Free Premium, Right Sidebar, Po. Thumbnails, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, 2 Columns, Fart Loading, Browser Compatibility, WhatsApp Sharing, Elegant, Google,AMP,Blogger Layout Version SO, Mega Menu, Technology, 3Colurnn Footer. 

Polar Blogger Template

Download Here

Polar Blogger Template is a aue-enrch. theme that contains a simple a. understandable design. It is SE0 optimized and helps users in creating professional-level blogs in no time. The fast nature of the theme is highly beneficial in achieving a good ranking at the Google. Along with it, you will get good results on various search engin..The various segments are available through which you can display your content. ff is good to crea. photography, business, technology, and such other related blogs. It contains social plugins ready. Another amazing thing is Ns extra space where utads.Vou can efforthmsly perform edils in the code and make wesib.according toyour own napuiremen, It works with almost every screen size. The different customization options available enable users to create attractive blogs. Simple, as Loading, Responsive, Seo  Rady, Adapted From WordPn.s, Ads Ready, Pink, White, Retina Read, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready Portfolio, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clean, Browser Compatibility 2 Columns, Elegant Minimalist, Stylish, WhalsApp Sharing, Free Premium, Right Sidebars,1Right Sidebar,Google,AMP, Fashion, Minimal,Girly. 

Teckyx Blogger Template

Download Here

Teckyx Blogger Template comes with amazing hmctionalities a. feat... It is going to work for you beyond your .pectations. This latest template is perfectfor creatingvideo,travel, fashionechnology,and other logs.You can create simple, efficient and professional-looking Nags. It provides fa. loading and is also SE0 optimized. You stir get good p.ults on various search eng,nes. It is ck.ign. using the latest trends and techniques. This colorful theme provides dfferent customization options. You can adjust the theme according to your own requirements. It contains social bookmarks ready. You will also receive an error page in this template. Make use of professional and clean themes and create efficient blogs right ow. The list of unique features available in this theme is ow list. bel. Le have a look at these featur. VVhite, Blue, Personal Pages, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, 1 Right sidebar. Simpn le, Ms Ready. Technology,Clea, Minimalist.° Ready, Elegant Free Premium, Post Thumbnails, Rponsive, Social Bookmark Read, Drop Down Menu, 3 Columns, Google, AMP, WhatsApp Sharing 3 Column Footer, Mega Menu, WhatsApp Sh.rtng, Magazine. 

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