What is new in the Android 12 version snow cone?

What is new in the Android 12 version snow cone?

Google is back with its newer & better Android 12! It is bringing back the old tradition of giving back desert names to its OS. The name given is ‘Snow Cone’! Google also mentioned that it wants to make the release names more intuitive for the global community. It is a new UI system with Material You that’s dynamic and aggressive. It is also supporting new protection so as to enhance the overall user experience. Android app developers can now use the new platform so as to develop functional apps.

The android developers will also be able to develop a platform so as to create apps with redesigned widgets. It is also supporting AppSearch, Game Mode, and new codecs. With the help of a new dashboard, Android libraries, and approximate locations, businesses are able to improve productivity. The Android 12 OS is bringing a lot of improvements for both developers and users. Users will be now able to see the settings used by an app and how often.


New Features and APIs of Android 12 Version


Android 12 is coming with magnificent new features and APIs suited for developers. Setting up and getting started with Android 12 is very easy. Set up the Android 12 SDK and start the development of apps so as to make easy delivery. Android 12 is providing the ability to businesses to review the behavior changes of their app. Testing and updating the apps on Android 12 is easy and developers can do work in a simple way.

Let us look at some of the top features of Android 12 –


Material You


It is the new design language that is being introduced in Android 12 so as to develop functional apps. The developers can try for alpha version Material Design Components if they desire to bring the latest material designs.


Improved Widgets


The existing Widget API is revamped in Android 12 so as to enhance the developers’ experience. It is also assisting the users to enjoy new experiences on the platform!


App Splash Screens API


Android 12 is introducing a splash screen with the app icon along with the transition to the app. It is the new app launch animation for all apps with an into-app motion from the launch point.


Rich Haptic Experiences


Expansion of tools is done in Android 12 for creating haptic feedback for the UI events. It has delightful and immersive effects for attention haptics in productivity.


Actuator Effects


The OS also adds in expressive effects like a low tick that is taking advantage of broader frequency bandwidth. It is helping the game developers so as to access multiple actuators separately in the game for the same effects. Developers need to use the constants and primitives for rich haptic effects to enhance UI events. The APIs are available to try on Pixel 4 devices so as to bring the latest in haptics support to users.


Auto-Coupled Haptic Effects


The apps built for Android 12 OS can now generate haptic feedback from audio sessions. It is possible with a phone vibrator and it provides the opportunity for impressive games. The example is the same as the haptic-enhanced ringtones to simulate the feeling of rough terrain.




You get AppSearch in Android 12 and it is a high-performing search engine! The feature is allowing the apps to index structured data and use built-in data to search over it. It is also supporting native search results like relevancy ranking, indexing and retrieval, and multi-language support.


Picture-in-Picture Improvements


Android 12 is having features for PiP mode like a new app flag for a smooth transition in gesture navigation. The new API flag is also disabling the resizing of the non-video content. You also get smoother animations with the existing PiP mode.


Permission Group Lookup


Developers can now query the system organizers about platform-provided permission on Android 12 or higher. Call getGroupOfPlatformPermission() to determine the permission group that has a system of platform-defined permission.




The Android 12 version is available with multiple benefits and it will mesmerize the users. There are many more new features and APIs for the platform so as to enhance the overall user experience. Developers can now use an updated system to build apps that deliver the right functionalities. To understand it better, go through the beginner guide to understand the platform better.

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