How to Build Links for Local SEO

How to Build Links for Local SEO

Local SEO can be tricky, but if you get it right you can get more visibility in your area than ever before. As part of your local SEO strategy, you’ll want to build links to your website that are highly relevant to the content on your site, including business directories and websites with social media followings within your city or surrounding area. With this list of local link-building strategies, you’ll be on your way to getting more traffic from Google users looking for local businesses like yours!

Understand the Link Building Value Chain

Local businesses are often at a disadvantage when it comes to link building because they don't always have the right resources and local links can be tough to get. But if you work in a hyper-local industry, you understand that local links are incredibly valuable. The question is: how do you build links without having the resources of a big agency? That's where understanding the link-building value chain comes in handy. In some respects, local SEO is more complicated than other digital marketing disciplines because it's filled with terminology that may not be familiar, like citations and citations packs.

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Know Your Competitors

As in any other area of business, it’s important to be aware of your competition. The local search market is no different. Look up your top competitors and see what keywords they are targeting. Try and find out what strategies they use for link building, content creation, etc., so you can try and emulate them if their methods are working well. If not, then at least you have something new to test! By constantly monitoring and testing new local SEO tactics you will become more familiar with how certain tactics affect your rankings over time, rather than taking chances by implementing strategy blindly.

Identify Link Opportunities

First, think about your website’s role in your local business. Are you a B2B company? How can you find other businesses that would want to link back to you? Are you a B2C company? What sort of things interest customers who are looking for local businesses like yours? For example, if you run a bike shop, maybe blogs related to biking or socializing will be interested in linking back to you. Once you know where your site fits into local search marketing, try Googling terms related to your industry and see which sites are linking out.

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Craft Influencer Outreach Messages

We live in a world where, if you have a product or service that's worth shouting about, there are tons of influencers out there who can help you do it. Researching and reaching out to these folks is another story. If you've got a local business, get ready to give them (and yourself) some great marketing material—influencer outreach messages that are ready to send with your pitch and why they should respond. For example: As an [INSERT ROLE/TITLE], I'd love your thoughts on [INSERT TOPIC] as it relates to [YOUR COMPANY]. In exchange for your time, we'll send over some coupons. Your influencer outreach messages should be well written and personal.

Conduct Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is one of my favorite and most-effective link building strategies. There are many online tools you can use, such as BuzzSumo, Traackr, Majestic, or Ahrefs. Identify relevant industry influencers who have a large following or audience that trusts them and reach out with a personalized offer related to your content. Not only will they want to share their expertise because it's something that their audience might be interested in—they'll also want more traffic coming through to their website (the best way they can monetize). If done correctly, your content will garner more social shares, backlinks, and attention overall because you've provided value upfront. This makes everyone happy!

Write Guest Posts and Articles

Getting links back to your website from other websites and blogs is a great way to boost its search rankings. But you’ll only see an improvement if you get quality backlinks from relevant, authoritative sources. When someone else writes about your company or industry that it’s part of, consider reaching out and asking if they can link back to your website in exchange for sharing some insight on their own site (guest post). If you have a physical location, shoot a couple of local bloggers who write about issues related to your business an email asking if they'd be interested in doing a Q&A with you or writing a review based on a recent visit (see below).

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Connect with Local Brands via Social Media

Every week, local publishers will publish new pieces—and they’re hungry for interesting news that’s relevant to their readers. Submit a press release of something you recently accomplished or are planning on doing and see what kind of interest you drum up. Include key details about your business and be sure to list all pertinent contact information in case someone is interested in learning more about what you do. If your press release doesn’t generate any interest, it can still make an impression on journalists who have come across it; include a link back to your site (or other online profiles) so that journalists have a way of learning more about who you are and what you do if they become interested.

Submit Press Releases to Local Publishers

If you’re trying to rank in your local area, you might consider submitting press releases. Depending on where you live, there may be a number of local newspapers and magazines that allow you to do so. To increase your odds of getting a release published, make sure it features noteworthy information about your company or product that is newsworthy or interesting. Again, if it’s noteworthy enough to get published as a standalone piece of content, then it should help boost your business's search rankings for local.

Does link building affect local SEO?

I’m going to say a big YES here. There are a lot of factors that go into local search optimization, but one of them is definitely link building. You can't rank in local results without links pointing back to your website, and there are a number of ways you can get those links. But how do you make sure they aren't spammy? What if you don't have time or energy or money to build up lots of backlinks? That's what I'll try and answer here! This is by no means a comprehensive guide -- it's just one person's experience with SEO for small businesses -- but I hope it will point you in some useful directions.

Are backlinks important for local SEO?

The short answer is yes. Backlinks from high-quality sites are extremely important for local SEO, just as they are for any other kind of search engine optimization (SEO). So why do I start off with a question that we all know has an obvious answer? Because there’s one very important thing you need to know about local backlinks before we get into exactly how you can build them: You have to get them from local sites.


You will find that link building and link acquisition can be quite rewarding. By targeting content that interests your target audience, you'll increase brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty. If you are planning on getting customers from outside of your immediate area, it is important to make sure that your website is optimized for local search as well as regional search. There are many things you can do in order to ensure that your site appears within relevant searches by local people looking for businesses in their area. The resources listed below should help you get started on building links locally and regionally. Good luck!

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