What type of services are provided by the GST Suvidha Kendra franchise?

What type of services are provided by the GST Suvidha Kendra franchise?

In 2017, the Ministry of Finance established the GST facilitation Center. The aim of the center was to serve assistance for all taxpayers/ businessmen with GST compliance.

As per the Google result, there are over 5000 GST SUVIDHA KENDRA in India. These centers are the one-stop gateway that provides GST services to every Indian citizen. There are numerous types of services provided by GSK franchise owners. These services are related to GST. The centers also provide services that are not related to GST. 


GST is a single domestic indirect tax reform. It simplifies the taxation process in India. In addition, it makes the calculation of taxes easier at the numerous stages of the supply chain. 

On 1st July 2017, the GST came into effect. The objectives of the GST were to:

  1. Include the majority of Indirect tax
  2. Achieve the “One Nation, One Tax” ideology
  3. Remove the downward effects of Taxes 
  4. Restrict the tax avoidance
  5. Widen the tax base for taxpayers
  6. Easily do business with online GST procedures
  7. Enhance distribution and logistics system
  8. Increase consumption & promote competitive pricing 

The GST application has a long procedure due to which the businessmen are not able to focus on their business. To provide relief, these businessmen can securely rely on GST SUVIDHA KENDRA. These Kendra help individuals, SMEs, traders, entrepreneurs, etc to file their tax returns. 


The GST SUVIDHA CENTER is the licensed Center/Kendra. It provides all the facilities related to GST. The people, businessmen, and traders can submit GST in an affordable way & on time. These centers are appointed and approved by GST SUVIDHA PROVIDERS(GSP).  

What are the benefits of GST SUVIDHA KENDRA?

The benefits of GSK are as follows:

  • Provide the services related to GST.
  • Earn good commissions by investing a minimum amount. 
  • Enable services other than the GST. 
  • Get certificates, vouchers, and gift cards.
  • Get a license from GSP. 
  • Proper training for GSK.

What is the need of GST SUVIDHA CENTER?

The GST suvidha center has experts that provide support to taxpayers. This support enables them to pay tax related to GST.They provide services that benefit taxpayers. The services are ITR filing, company registration, GST registration, etc.  

The businessmen/ people don't understand the complex process of GST compliance. They can visit their nearby GST center & submit taxes on time.  

At GST suvidha center one can apply for business opportunities. They can become franchise owners and can provide GST-related services to customers. 

What are the different types of services provided by GST SUVIDHA KENDRA?

The different types of services provided by GSK are as follows:

  • GST registration services
  • Accounting services
  • ITR filing services
  • Registration services
  • E-way bill services

There are certain GSK that provide other services related to GST. These services are:

  • Loan services

Through this service, you can make any loan type payment for clients. It can be home loan, personal loan, vehicle loan, business loan, etc. This will help you to earn a good commission. 

  • Bill Payment services

You can make bill payments for services like cable TV, mobile bill, DTH, broadband, Water, electricity, etc. 

  • Aadhaar Pay

Aadhaar pay service will let you collect payments from the customers. It will be by using Aadhaar number and biometric proof.


  • AEPS

The AEPS is a payment service. It has a system that enables you to provide financial & banking services to the customer. You will use the customer's Aadhaar number for the proof. This will enable you to withdraw his/her money securely.


  • BBPS

The merchant can make bill payments for customers through BBPS. It is a system that has three things under one roof. They are:

  1. A bank
  2. An organized portal and 
  3. Payment platform. 

  • Pan card

You can help your customers to issue a new pan card through a recognized GST portal. The customers can also get the service to make corrections in pan card.

  • Insurance services

The insurance service will aid the GSK to provide insurance payment service to the customers. He/she can renew, discontinue or make payment of insurance. There are varied types of insurance such as-

  1. Travel insurance
  2. Term Insurance
  3. Car insurance
  4. Two-wheeler insurance 
  5. Health insurance, etc.


  • Website services

The GSKs provides website service in which the customers can have his/her own business website.


  • Local marketing services

Nowadays all businesses are shifting to online platforms. Due to this, the competition has risen to be on top. The local marketing services such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, promotion, etc. are the requirements of the customer. Through the recognized GST center you can provide local marketing services.


  • Money Transfer services

The Money Transfer service can help your customer to transfer the cash directly into their account or some other account. You(GSK) will fulfil all the necessary details of the customer to perform this service. 

  • Recharges

You can make prepaid or postpaid mobile data recharge of the customer through recharge service. The GSK can recharge various data cards like Airtel, Vodafone, etc. 

  • Micro ATM Distributor 

As a franchise owner you can distribute Micro ATMs to nearby shops & provide banking service to business correspondents. This will enable customers to place or withdraw money in their bank account. On every cash withdrawal you can get good commission. 

  • Credit card services

The credit card service helps you to issue new credit cards for customers. The franchise owners can earn good commission on every successful credit card payment.

  • Tour & travel services

The tour & travel services will let you book a bus, flight, or train tickets for the customers. 


When you will proceed to apply for GSK on the company's website, first check its eligible criteria. If it matches then proceed for further steps. The steps are- 

  • Click on the apply now tab.
  • Fill up the application form & provide all the vital details. 
  • Once the registration is over, the GST expert will verify your application.
  • If there will be no centers in your area, then the agent will call for further process.

What is the GST Return?

GST return is defined as the form of tax return that is filled by the taxpayers. These taxpayers are the ones that are certified under GST. In the form the taxpayers put all the necessary details related to tax made during the specific period of time. 

The GST return is used by the Tax authorities to calculate the total tax liability. A dealer who is registered under GST, will file the tax return. It will include:

  1. Sales
  2. Purchase
  3. Input Tax credit
  4. Output GST. It is the GST applied on sales. 

There are two categories of GST returns. They are:

Annual Returns- It refers to the summary of all the returns that are filed regularly. 

Periodic Returns- It refers to the returns that are filed quarterly or every month.

There are four forms that businessmen/individuals use to file the GST return. These are:

  1. Returns for purchase
  2. Returns for supplies
  3. Annual Returns 
  4. Monthly Returns

How can you check the status of a GST Return?

There are three methods to check the status of a GST return. Firstly login the GST portal, and then you can use the following:

  1. “Status” option 
  2. “ARN” option
  3. “ Return Filing Period” option


Q1. What is the working procedure of GST SUVIDHA KENDRA?

The GST SUVIDHA KENDRA follows an easy process to provide service to customers. It is as below:

The customer comes to the center for availing of any of the GST services. 

 The franchise owner uploads all the documents related to the service on the CRM portal. 

The rest is handled by the backend team of the GSP.

Q2. Why are GST franchises termed the biggest business opportunities in India?

The essential feature of GST is the presence of a robust IT system. This system helps in online registration, payment & filing of taxes in an easier way. 

Any individual can open a GSK franchise with minimum investment. They can earn a stable & profitable income through GSK. 

Q3. Is the GST SUVIDHA KENDRA franchise approved by the Government?

Yes, the franchise of GST SUVIDHA KENDRA is approved by the Goods and Service Tax Network. This body is a fully Government-owned entity.   

Q4. Who can open the franchise of GST SUVIDHA KENDRA?

Any Indian citizen can open the GST SUVIDHA KENDRA. But he/she must meet the eligibility requirements to open the franchise. These requirements are:

  1. A place or area where the business will be operated.

  2. He/she must have completed at least 12th. A graduate degree will also be an additional benefit in the qualification. 

  3. Computers, stable internet connection, printer, scanner

  4. A morphed device to scan fingerprints. 




A GST SUVIDHA KENDRA is a “one-stop” point for solutions related to GST queries. It also provides franchise business opportunities for all Indian citizens. You can open GSK near your home and help the traders & businesses in GST compliance. 

In the present, getting jobs has become difficult. By starting GSK you can earn a high profit by making a minimal investment. There are various reliable companies through which you can get a license for opening a franchise of GSK. You can apply for the GSK franchise at your home. 

The opening of GSK is a long-term business with a one-time capital investment. This business has a special feature. It can be initiated by young people, students, or housewives while sitting at home. They can earn a good commission every month with less effort & basic computer knowledge.

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