What are the Most Common Types of Shower Enclosures?

The shower enclosure is crucial for a great showering experience. It is the glass wall stall that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. It offers a sense of privacy to the person showering, and it protects the rest of the bathroom from the water. This is why a shower enclosure is important in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and safety. 

In this article, we will discuss the types of shower enclosures and the features that they typically contain.

What are the Most Common Types of Shower Enclosures?

What is Shower Enclosure?

A shower enclosure is a stall or cubicle used to keep water from entering the shower. It is generally made of glass panels that collectively form a cabin. Not only do these offer enhanced functionality, but they also look great according to the requirements of the modem bathroom. There are many different types of shower enclosures. One of the most common is a shower curtain.

Different Types of Shower Enclosure

When it comes to shower cubicles, you have a number of choices available for you. Most common among these are as follows

1. Quadrant Shower Enclosure. 

It is a relatively different or unique shape that features a curved frontage. While the backside is usually standard square, the front is in the round of the half, circled shape. That gives it its unique properties of fitting into corners, between the walls, or in congested spaces. That’s why most people choose this shape when installing a shower cubicle for their small bathrooms. It is technically a space-saving option with relatively less projection inside the bathroom. However, that does not mean you will need to compromise on the shower experience. Such a shape still allows a spacious shower area inside it. You can preferably install a bifold or sliding shower door as per your choice. Moreover, these are a great fit for contemporary bathroom looks. 

2. Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure.   

It is simply a version of a quadrant shower enclosure with a bit extra length on one side. The purpose is to provide you bit more space for the shower. So, if you want an enclosure with a curved front and have extra space to spare, then an offset cubicle can be a perfect choice. Other than that, it offers almost all the same features as a quadrant enclosure. You can fit any type of shower door with it.

3. Rectangular Shower Enclosure 

It is clear from the name that these types of shower enclosures generally have four sides where the length of the two sides are equal, and in the same way, the width is also similar. Such shower enclosures usually fit against the wall and are preferred when you have medium or large bathroom space. Such enclosures are preferably installed with the hinged shower doors. However, other door options are also possible. These are a great option if you want a luxurious shower experience.

4. Square Shower Enclosure

It is a kind of shower enclosure with equal length and with from all four sides. Such enclosures are a great option to fit against the wall and are usually suitable for medium to large bathrooms. You will find them in various sizes in both frameless and non-framed designs. These work perfectly with sliding and bifold doors and can be suitable to fit any bathroom. It is also suitable to fit into the corners offering a spacious showering experience. If you want flexibility with the types of installation you want, then it is a type of cubicle you should choose. 

Walk-in Shower Enclosure. 

An emerging trend for a shower area is installing a walk-in shower enclosure. These are at the same level on the floor and don’t have a door. That makes them appear more spacious and open to looking at.

It is possible a shower area that can be anywhere in your home with simple glass shower panels covering the shower area. It makes them a suitable choice for the elderly or anyone with limited mobility. You simply need to walk into the shower area without any need of opening a door or taking the steps. In other words, it is a large, open space that has walls that are made from glass or metal.

Final Thoughts

Shower enclosures are a must-have if you want a modern bathroom. They are usually a plastic or metal frame that goes around the shower. There are many types of cubicles. The most common are quadrant, offset quadrant, square and rectangular, and walk-in showers. You will need to keep certain things in mind before choosing the one for your bathroom. For example, available space, layout, and design can play a decisive in deciding the type of enclosure you should choose. 

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