7 Web Design Activities for Students

 Web design is involved in the creation and maintenance of a fully functioning website. Web design includes graphic design, user interface design, authorship (which includes standardized code and custom software), user experience design, and search engine optimization.

Finding an effective technique to teach web design to college paper writer is quite tough. That’s because technical material, even if the people learning about it are enthusiastic, can be difficult to focus on with excitement. Some topics aren’t as much fun to study in an academic setting, and web design is one of them for most people.

Top 7 Web Design Activities for Students

Below are the most effective web design activities for students:

1.    Creating an Engaging About Us Page

Creating a webpage that shows the services being provided enhances the self-expression of students. They learn about different text formats, visual design, and page layout layouts. It improves their intelligence and allows them to exercise their skills on a larger scale.

The process to write an About Us page for a website is difficult since it must follow a specific format. You must write in a professional tone that is appealing to the intended audience. Students learn the ins and outs of developing official pages for business websites.

2.    Product Information Page Design

In this task, you get a chance to design columns and align the landing page's components within them. You will need a good understanding of HTML and CSS to create a website's product landing page.

Cropping and resizing images, applying design templates to make the layout more appealing, and other basic editing tasks will be required. It enhances your creative and technical skills.

3.    Portal for Talent Management

Several influencers and artists have used social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok as launching pads. They can reach a global audience with a single click of a button, and all for free. Many people have ambitions of making a living from their artistic abilities.

With features like call to action or paid services, artists may connect directly with their audiences. Music, cooking, theatre, ceramics, and a variety of other interests can all be addressed on a single platform.

4.    Designing Survey Forms

Even though survey forms are simple to create, they make for a worthwhile endeavor. Students can take a personal interest in the survey if the lecturer lets them. Even though it may appear to be a simple activity, designing surveys is critical since many firms use them to do market research online.

Therefore, many site designers may encounter it at some point. It also boosts the confidence and interactive abilities of students. By gathering views from different communities, they learn about different perspectives

5.    Building a Tribute Page

Tribute pages exist, and if you Google them, you will find lots of information on how to create one. A tribute page is essentially a webpage created in memory of someone or something special.

Naturally, this is an excellent approach for students to become involved in the web design process, as they are free to create a memorial page about anyone they want: a friend, a family member, a celebrity, a pet, and so on. If you are interested in writing about some memorable personalities, you can utilize this skill and create a blog.

6.    Plugin Exit Design

When you visit a website or a webpage, you have probably noticed the small pop-ups that appear on the screen when you want to leave. They are commonly used by businesses to display enticing offers in order to retain users on the website. This is exactly what you must create.

You can utilize your JavaScript skills to create an exit plugin that modifies the content depending on how long the user remains on a website. When a student wants to practice his web design skills, this kind of activity can be quite enriching and effective.

7.    Making a Calendar App

Calendars are used in email systems like Gmail and Outlook. They are excellent sources of inspiration. You may modify this student website project concept to include events, work tasks, schedules, and meetings, among other things. Perhaps you could combine this website project with the previous to-do list project.

You will need to build both the interface and backend for this website project so that users may save their calendar items for later. It would be a good idea to implement a cache mechanism so that articles are not constantly downloaded from the server.


Almost every organization now needs web design services. Students can learn how to make personalized websites by participating in a variety of activities.

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