Which Mirror Shape Fits Best in Your Bathroom?

The mirror is an important part of the bathroom. Each shape has a different appearance, so it is important to think carefully about this choice. Moreover, there are also quite a lot of forms, which can make the decision even more difficult. Are you curious about the appearance of certain shapes? And do you want to know which one will look best in your bathroom? We discuss it here!

The forms that will be discussed:

  • Round;
  • Square or rectangle;
  • Oval;
  • asymmetrical.

Round mirror: playful and modern

Round mirrors have been very popular for some time now. This is because it looks beautiful in almost every bathroom and has a modern touch. In addition, it has a playful appearance, which is ideal in a room with a lot of clean lines. Many shower cubicles, bathroom furniture and tiles have straight lines, so a round mirror offers a nice contrast. You can have the same shape come back in your shower head, to create a nice whole.

If you enjoy playing with colors in the bathroom, a round mirror may also be perfect for you. Some have a frame with a certain shade, such as black or gold. If you have taps in the same color as this detail, a beautiful whole is created in the room.

As mentioned before, this mirror has a modern and playful touch. A round shape is therefore suitable for a modern, rural or design bathroom.

Round mirror

Square or rectangular mirror: classic

A classic mirror is certainly the square or rectangular version. The great thing about this is that it almost always works well in any interior, making it a very accessible choice. This also ensures that the range is wide, because people often opt for this. As a result, there are many variants on the market, with or without a frame, small or very large and with or without luxury elements.

There are also square or rectangular mirrors with rounded corners. This ensures that the mirror appears less harsh and that it radiates something soft and refined.

Because a square or rectangular mirror comes in so many shapes and sizes, it also fits a lot of bathroom styles. The calm appearance of the round corners fits perfectly in a bathroom with the same appearance, such as a country or Scandinavian bathroom. Sharp corners with a black frame complement an industrial bathroom and a gold trim looks great in a classic room.

Rectangular mirror

Oval mirror: stubborn

An oval mirror is quite similar to a round variant. This one also has a playful and stubborn appearance. The nice thing about an oval mirror is the fact that there are many types, there are elongated variants, three side by side or an egg-shaped model. So you can go a lot of ways with a mirror like this, so that it will all be to your taste. In many cases, a creative appearance is created.

So with this form there are a lot of things you can do. There are also many options for the color of the frame, from wood to black to copper. In addition, this is an ideal shape if you like antiques and/or brocante.

An oval mirror can therefore shine in several types of bathrooms. A modern variant will look great in a rural, or of course a modern bathroom. A mirror with an antique frame is completely at home in a classic or retro bathroom. This shape can also come into its own in a Japandi space, for example by choosing an egg shape.

Oval mirrors

Asymmetric: creative

Finally, there is also an asymmetrical shape. This can of course mean anything, that's kind of what it's all about. It is a very creative and artistic wall mirror, which will make it a real eye-catcher. More and more people are opting for this shape, because it doesn't have to be so tight anymore. It could all be a bit looser and we see that reflected in the mirrors.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of options with this shape. What we see most often is a 'just not' round shape, an oval shape with sinuous sides or a completely other special shape. This mirror looks best in a Scandinavian room.

Asymmetrical mirrors

Other important elements of a mirror

Besides the fact that a mirror should be stylish, the practical part is also important. Nowadays there are mirrors on the market with all kinds of luxurious additions, which many find ideal. For example, consider a variant with LED lighting. This provides an extra light point in the room. This way you can easily create atmosphere or apply your make-up, because it is often dimmable.

Mirrors with heating are also available, which prevents condensation from forming. If you want to style your hair immediately after showering, you can do so without having to grab a towel. So you can still see yourself clearly after a hot shower when you look in the mirror!

Tired of taking the plunge?

So there are a lot of types, sizes and elements to consider when buying a new mirror, which can be overwhelming. For example, do you opt for a round mirror with lighting ? Or a black bathroom mirror in the square shape? If you would like help with this, we recommend that you visit one of our showrooms. Our specialists are ready to help you in Beverwijk and Schiedam. They can tell you all about the pros and cons of each mirror. They can also give you advice when it comes to the mirrors in combination with your bathroom style.

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