Puzzles for children according to their age

Puzzles play an important role in keeping your kids entertained. Puzzles help your children develop and aid in brain development, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills and improve their intellectual skills. Doctors also recommend puzzles to maintain the memory of children and, at the same time, it also entertains older members of the household as well. When searching for puzzles on the market, you will find many types of puzzles. You can also choose your favorite puzzles that are good for your kids. For example, many types of puzzles are available to you, such as Sudoku puzzles, animal, art, nature, jigsaw puzzles, etc.

Puzzles for children according to their age

Since there are many types of puzzles, some puzzles are also made for specific people. You can choose the puzzles according to age, which will be good too. When you choose puzzles for your kids, it is important to know whether they are right for your child or not. You should do complete research on this. Just as you are responsible for your child's development, in the same way, some can be dangerous to them, too. Puzzles help in the development of memory and keep the mind sharp.

So here we will discuss some of the best puzzles for kids according to their age. At the same time, we will also give you some information about the best puzzles.

Puzzles for Children

There are many puzzles for children available on the market. You have many options but must know about some of the best puzzles for your kids according to age. It also matters what kind of puzzle your kids are playing with. You should avoid puzzles unsuitable for your child's skill level. Many children feel curious about trying different puzzles and some enjoy playing with difficulty levels. 

Puzzles keep your kids' minds active and entertained. You can choose from lots of puzzles for help with your kid's brain exercise. However, doctors also recommend brain teasers and puzzles to develop the child's memory. Below are some of the best puzzles for your kids.  

Puzzles according to age 

You need to know which puzzle is good for your children according to their age. We have divided the puzzle types by age, which will help to ensure the right puzzle selection. Here is a list of puzzles according to different age periods. According to age, colors, pictures, letter puzzles, and other puzzles should be recommended to your child. 

Puzzles for 1 to 2 years olds:

If your child is 1 to 2 years old, then you can suggest such puzzles based on age for your kids. For 2-year-olds, we should choose larger-sized puzzles of 4 to 5 pieces. As a result, your child will quickly learn the skill and develop his understanding. You will also be able to notice major changes in your baby's movements. 

As your child grows, he will learn to correctly arrange the pieces of the puzzles. You can also recommend jigsaw puzzles, matching pictures, number puzzles, letters, animals, etc., and puzzles based on age.

Puzzles for 3 to 4 years olds :  

 Children aged from 3 to 4 love to watch their favorite cartoon characters, musical instruments, and other objects. You should know that he also loves adventure and building in this era, so you should know about his personality. You should recommend puzzles that consist of around 10 to 20 pieces.

Moreover, you can suggest they learn brain teasers and name-letter puzzles. Additionally, you can offer transportation illustrations and puzzles of cartoon characters. Through this, the child will learn to arrange the puzzle pieces in the right way, and it will help them keep their minds creative.

● Puzzles for 5 to 6-year-olds:

As your child is now ready to rotate things and deal with multiple pieces. They can fix a greater number of pieces and look for different complexities and puzzle pieces of different sizes. 

At this age, you should suggest puzzles with 50 to 60 pieces. These puzzles can be wooden animal puzzles or their favorite cartoons, letters, and alphabets. As they like to solve more difficult puzzles, they will also love jigsaw puzzles. 

● Puzzles for 7-8-year-olds:

At this age period, your child has enough understanding and can act on various difficulties. Now your child would love to do a large number of activities. It all depends on their experience, and now you need to know whether it is important to assess the puzzles and give them based on the difficulty levels that are appropriate for them.

You can suggest unique problem-solving puzzles, wooden animal picture puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, etc. In addition, you can suggest some challenging word puzzles, letter puzzles, and picture puzzles with 500 pieces.

Best wooden puzzles

Wooden puzzles are always the first choice of people who love to entertain themselves with puzzles. This is because wooden puzzles are long-lasting and look very beautiful as well. Here are some of the best wooden puzzles, and you will love them. These puzzles are made of high-quality wood to give you a magical-awesome experience. Also, you will love its meticulously done texture. 

If we talk about the best wooden puzzles, you will find wooden jigsaw puzzles, wooden animal puzzles, wooden family photo puzzles, etc., and many more. Many people often like wooden jigsaw puzzles, so I recommend wooden puzzles for your entertainment.

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