The Top 6 Best Selling Apex Locators


Do you recall when you had to insert the first apical file into the root canal and use an x-ray to confirm where the file's tip was in respect to the apical constriction? You do, of course! Dr. Grossman's skill made the radiographic method of working length determination a widely utilized endodontic treatment procedure. However, this method has certain drawbacks, including superimposition, projection errors, inaccurate handling of buccal and lingually curved canals, and longer processing times. The introduction of electronic apex locators altered the issues that dentists had to deal with and made it possible to locate the root apex accurately and quickly.

Electronic Apex Locators in the Modern Era

Suzuki conducted research on the passage of direct current through dog teeth in 1942, whereas Custer originally considered the notion of assessing working length using electrical methods in 1918. He deduced that there was uniformity in the electrical resistance values between the electrode on the oral mucosal membrane and the device in the root canal. He made the assumption that the length of the root canal could be determined using this theory. Sunada built a system that could measure the canal length using direct current based on this conclusion from Suzuki's experiment. The underlying idea was that the 6-kilo ohm electrical resistance between the periodontium and mucosal membrane never changed. The age, size, and form of the person's teeth had no impact on this number. This was the first time that electronic apex locators were used in endodontic procedures.

But the new era is only getting started. Take a look at this image contrasting the modern apex finder with the historic "Root Canal Meter by Onuki Medical."

Here are the top 6 apex locators that are the best sellers that we have chosen to help you run your endodontic practice more effectively:

  • Morita Root zx Mini

The Root ZX Mini apex locator by Morita, which is marketed as a portable version of the renowned "Root ZX II," is one of the most frequently used apex locators in the dentistry industry. The dependable Root ZX Apex Location Technology powers the device. 97.5 percent of the time it is accurate. High contrast Clear Liquid Crystal LCDs are used for the product's display. The Root ZX small has 3 configurable memory configurations. Additionally, the gadget has wonderful characteristics like automatic calibration, shock resistance, and power off functionality. The Root ZX small has 3 configurable memory configurations.

The small size and light weight of this item make it stand out. It weighs around 110g and has dimensions of slightly over 4" x 213". Excellent flexibility during operations is guaranteed by the small size and stability-focused design. The Root ZX Mini may be readily repositioned to operate in any dental quadrant.

  • ID Kerr Apex

A contemporary electronic apex finder with special features, Apex ID by Kerr is small and portable. The apex finder is designed to be accurate in almost every canal situation. Blood, EDTA, NaOCl, chlorhexidine, saline, or electrolytes have no impact on the numbers shown.

Based on the clinician's first clinical assessment, the Apex ID Apex Locator provides customization of the "zero" point. Real-time evaluation of the file's location in the root canal is made possible by the continuous calibration capability.

  • Meta Biomed Rooter

The Meta Biomed Rooter is an electronic apex finder that locates the location of the file within the root canal utilizing the most recent multiple frequency technology. The practical and fashionable design of this little apex finder. The accuracy of the equipment is unaffected by root canal conditions (dryness, hemorrhage, saline, NaOCl, chlorhexidine, etc.).

For installation of computer monitoring features and the patient data management system, the device includes an optional PC software CD

  • Ipex II NSK

One of the best tools for precisely measuring the working length is this portable apex finder, which has a base distance of 6 cm. The multiple frequency measurement technique is used by NSK's iPex II apex location. The huge, highly contrasted screen includes a 3-color LCD display and provides the physician with good reading.

The apex locator's high level of accuracy is produced by SmartLogic. With very little variation, the gadget guarantees continuous functioning for 60 hours. The audible alert noises assist the doctor in performing endodontic therapy in a secure and effective manner.

  • Locapex Ionyx 5

Ionyx has been specializing in the development and production of specialized endodontic devices since 1993. According to the producers, the Locapex 5 is a simple but durable machine that is guaranteed to function even if it is dropped from your workstation.

As the file moves down the root canal, Locapex 5's signal filtering technology allows the apex finder to weed out misleading information. One button that starts up the gadget may be used to operate it. The clinician can assess the file's location as soon as it makes contact with the touch tip or the file grip thanks to the immediate measurement.

  • Gold Woodpecker Dpex III

One of the most widely utilized apex locators in the nation is Dpex III Gold by Guilin Woodpecker. Accurate measurements are guaranteed by the automatically calibrating equipment. The rechargeable battery in the apex locator eliminates the need for frequent battery replacement. The instrument's accuracy was calculated to be 97.71 percent.

The gadget has an LCD screen with a crisp, bright picture that shows the location of the file within the root canal and various colors to signify that position. The website's built-in auditory alerts alert the operator when the file approaches the apical foramen and when it has passed the apex. The Woodpecker Dpex III Gold is a worthwhile investment for the doctor due to all these capabilities and the competitive price point.

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