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E-commerce Packaging Solutions

"A Brand For A Business Is Like A Reputation For A Person. You Earn more Reputation By Trying To Do Hard Things Well." 

E-commerce packaging solutions are used synonymously with brand individuality these days. Remarkably, a brand's packaging and presentation affect the perception and generate a long-lasting first impression. 

The curiosity of opening the product package and a great unboxing experience will fascinate the client back to your store.

In this article, let's discuss e-commerce packaging solutions to support you come up with the actual packaging ideas for your store.

Importance of E-Commerce Packaging

A study on e-commerce revealed that about 38% of the individuals who purchase premium products like to showcase the product package on social media and share their ideal unboxing experience. This highlights the significance of building brand awareness.

There are more significant points to this too:

Brand Value

"A Brand Is No Longer What We Tell The Consumer It Is—It Is What Consumers Tell Each Other It Is."

A shaped e-commerce packaging solution can be a tool to improve client experience on a large scale. If the purchaser is happy with the wholesale packaging, they will definitely return to the store. On the contrary, poor packaging would deter them from purchasing the same brand again.

So, building your brand reputation greatly depends on how far your packing excites the customer. In most cases, a satisfied consumer will eventually be an advocate for your brand.

Durability and Safety

The security of the product remains the responsibility of the store holder until the moment it reaches the customer. In addition, it is significant to maintain quality eco-friendly e-commerce packaging unless you want custom packaging tampering or product harm, which will affect the purchaser experience.

Buy e-commerce packaging solutions& shipping boxes from any online packaging company can save you a lot of cash.


Packaging solutions with branding elements can be an efficient marketing strategy, particularly in this era of social marketing. Unboxing of products has crossed over a million on social media. 

Hence, top-notch custom e-commerce packaging ideas speak for your brand and encourage sharing your goods on social media sites.

"Brand Is Just A Perception, And Perception Will Match Reality Over Time."

Considerations before Packaging

Wisely considering the below-mentioned factors will support you reduce the adverse influence on your finished product's cost, effort, and excellence.


While considering the retail e-commerce packaging market trends, be exact about the parameters and measurements of your product containing the weight. Furthermore, carrying the weight till the product extends to the end-user is one of the essential functions of packaging.

Size and Shape

Deciding the packaging solutions for all the goods may include customizing some of the goods with exceptional size and shape. Hence, it is essential to consider the size and shape of the goods.


The form of packaging varies according to the nature of the goods. Moreover, fragile products and well-made products demand different types of packaging.


The value of the product packaging determines the level of protection given while determining the packaging for each content.

Types of Custom E-Commerce Packaging Ideas Material

There are two leading options before you when it comes to the types.

Internal Packaging

Internal packaging means cushioning the products. This consists of bubble wrap, cardboard, and foam pellets. In addition, the principal purpose of the internal packaging is void filling, safety and shock absorption. This custom e-commerce packaging idea reduces product harm while shipping.

E-commerce Packaging Solutions

External Packaging

External packaging includes parcels and flyers. Corrugated boxes, Double or triple walled boxes use for heavy wholesale products such as electronic appliances. 

Flimsy items like glass bottles also fall under the external packaging category. In addition, a flyer bag accommodates up to 4kg and is appropriate for packing mall items like boxes, cosmetics, etc.

4 Steps to Successful Retail E-commerce Packaging Market Trends

Entirely new for packaging? Here are 4 simple but modern steps you can follow to kick start the process of packaging your e-commerce goods.

In today's digital world, e-commerce has grown the number of brands selling online and consumers purchasing online. Custom packaging is more than just a means to get your goods from point A to B. 

For brands and businesses, packaging has now become the only physical and modern way in which they can interact with customers.

Here, we'll share some most acceptable practices for packaging your e-commerce products and making an impactful primary impression with your customers.

Step 1 - Get Inspired

Occasionally, working on a blank canvas can be challenging. In addition, take a look at the eco-friendly e-commerce packaging solutions of some of your favorite brands and see which parts you like the most. 

Whether the custom design or product placement, keep those in mind for your product packaging. In addition, you can also look at companies or brands that sell a similar product to yours to get some more creativeness. Moreover, use some of these examples to base your packaging and create something exceptional for your brand.

" We always try to ignore trends."

So don't!

Step 2- Design Your Eco-Friendly E-Commerce Packaging

Your packaging design is what will grip your purchasers' attention. The box, or however you select to package your products, is a storyboard for you to tell your story and share your standards. 

Here are some essential things to consider:

What's the first impression you need to make with your packaging? In addition, you can choose a minimalist design with just a simple logo and the name of your goods. For food products, you may need to add a list of ingredients. 

Step 3- The Possibilities Are Endless

What unboxing experience do you need to give? When your consumers open their custom box, what will they see inside? Moreover, consider classifying branding to the inside of your wholesale box or even comprise a handwritten note.

External Packaging for Shipping

Now it's the time to think about how you need to package and ship your products out. One leading factor to keep in mind is that you'll want to put your address, your customer's address, and any brand labels onto the external packaging for shipping. Here are some concerns for shipping boxes:

Don't need additional packaging? Use a corrugated mailer box to store your goods and for shipping!

Want an additional packaging box? You could use a wholesale shipping box or corrugated mailer box for a box-in-box packaging method. This way, all sender and brand labels are on the external box. The custom wholesale boxes inside are entirely protected.

Not looking for an external packaging box? Depending on the weight and flimsiness of your products, you can also consider using envelopes, packaging paper, or poly mailer bags.

Remember, the external packaging for shipment should first protect your products inside. It doesn't want to be the prettiest, as it'll be the printing box that will go through the wear and tear of shipping.

In The End

So, you must select your packaging wisely to add worth to the other visual elements that make your online store welcoming for all types of consumers.

Being the most significant element for winning the customers, e-commerce packaging solutions want to be perfectly picked by bringing in the right mix of strategies and inventive ways to gain loyal customers.

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