Types of Product Display Boxes

Custom Display Packaging Boxes

These boxes can be printed with attractive images and graphics to attract shoppers. They can also be laminated or coated with aqueous coating for added protection and a sleek, finished look. Some boxes feature inserts that prevent different products from mixing up and create a neat, organized display of the products inside.

Custom display boxes

Besides the standard black boxes, you can also use custom product display boxes to showcase different products. Custom boxes can be customized with eye-catching patterns, colors, and moving textures. 

Various stylized styles give your boxes a contemporary look. You can even incorporate inserts in these boxes so that people won't mix and match different products. These Warehouse Packaging and Wrapping Supplies are ideal for displaying your products and allowing them to stand out from the rest of the clutter on your shelves.

Aside from the practical use of wholesale display boxes, they also serve as an advertising tool for new products. 

They are cost-effective marketing tools for new products since you do not have to pay for extensive advertising. Plus, they protect your products from damage in some ways. With a bit of thought, you can design a custom display packaging box that will help you sell your products and get the attention they need. Whether selling your first or thousandth product, a custom product box can serve your needs.

Perforated packaging

Perforated packaging for product display boxes is a popular choice for rolling out new products. The unique design of these boxes makes them easy to tear apart, making them an excellent option for packaging products such as tissue papers. These boxes come in various sizes and can be a flat pack or fully assembled. Perforated packaging also comes in many designs; some even feature a flap that allows the product to be displayed readily.

A single pallet can contain a variety of perforated cartons. Each box has a top, bottom, side, and four perforations. Each box is divided into a display area and a discardable section when perforated. The display area is usually at least six corners wide, and the discardable section contains four or five holes. 

The design allows for easy access to products while avoiding unnecessary waste.

Counter top displays

Countertop displays for product display retail boxes are small structures that highlight products and brand information. They are ideally suited for countertops and allow the brand to reach out to consumers at the point of sale. 

Customized countertop displays can feature your company logo or product marketing details. This can is a cost-effective way to market your product and increase sales. Read on to find out more about countertop displays for product display boxes.

Types of Product Display Boxes

Countertop displays are a free marketing tool. They highlight your product's features and make it easily identifiable in stores. You can also brand these displays with your company's name and logo in bold colors. This is a great way to promote your brand for free and get the word out about it. Moreover, customers will likely recommend your brand if they see your counter display in a store. Countertop displays for product display boxes can be customized to fit your brand and your products.

Foldable display boxes

Foldable product display boxes offer a great deal of customization for your products. Whether you're packaging a nutrition bar or a fancy cologne, a custom display box is available to suit your needs. The versatility of these boxes is also reflected in their many uses. You can create a box that matches the product, the display space, or both! Read on to find out more! - Foldable Product Retail Boxes.

You can quickly assemble these boxes yourself, saving energy and time. They also come with die-cut windows and transparent sheet options. They can also be eco-friendly, as they're made of cardboard. These are some of the reasons why foldable product display boxes are so popular! You can use them to showcase your products or to give away samples. Please place your boxes near the entrance or checkout counter to give your customers a sample.

Greener alternative to wood pallets

If you're looking for a greener alternative to wood pallets for product display cases, look no further than the new hybrid versions. Mixed pallets are designed to combine wood and plastic benefits and offer an environmentally friendly alternative. 

For instance, wood pallets can be enhanced with plastic bumpers on the end decks, extending their service life. On the other hand, Plywood pallets have a thick elastomer coating and can boast a ten-year service life. At the same time, the patented RFID technology makes them RFID-compatible.

Plastic pallets have many benefits over wood. They are lightweight and durable, saving transportation costs and facilitating manual handling. These boxes also don't harbor the risks of fasteners and splinters that can lead to product damage. Finally, plastic pallets are easy to clean and can be cleaned with steam or water jets. And they don't require sanding or painting, a significant advantage compared to wood.

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