6 Awesome Balcony Decor Ideas Just Like You Dreamed

Monsoons are around the corner, and spending time on the balcony with a cup of chai, pakoras, and rain sounds like a pleasant idea. Why not do that in style? Trust us; these balcony decorating ideas will transform your balcony into an irresistible outdoor hangout in no time.

Do never consider your home interior designing complete until decorating your balcony. 

Liven up with Green Friends

So what if you don’t have a backyard? Turn your balcony into a garden by laying carpet grass, placing potted plants and a whole lot of flowers. You can try out fun recycling projects using old tins and cans lying around the house as pots for your green buddies. These balcony garden ideas will transform your balcony into a small backyard.

There are a few other hidden benefits of bringing green buds, First says if you take words from Vastu Shastra some plants are lucky enough to bring good fortune to your home. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of a little extra, and if it’s good luck consider it icing on  cake!

Second talks about oxygenating air in the surrounding, so here you got a nice package of decoration,good luck & air purifier.

Shine some Lights

A little brightness does not harm. How about some balcony lighting ideas to light up your home? Sparkle up your evenings with fairy lights or lamps placed on the balcony. These provide just enough illumination without disrupting the view of the night sky.

So if you can’t make it  for night hang outs, just grab your favorite beverage, call your companions and head towards your private place that is your own sparkling balcony.

A Cosy Reading Space

Set up a tiny library on your balcony for you to curl up and delve into your favourite book. Utilise the wall space by arranging floating shelves or magazine holders if you can’t fit in a bookrack.

A Small Balcony Bistro

Fill your balcony with the ambience of an outdoor bistro. All it needs is a vintage touch and a table for two. Rustic metal furniture and cute and colourful flower pots accompanied with brick wall finish should do the trick.

Going Minimal

You can go for a neat and tidy look. Use few but bold pieces to make your balcony stand out with modernist vibes. A balcony swing is an excellent option if you have a lot of space. This rattan Scandinavian style has a minimal yet earthy aesthetic with the clever use of rattan items.

Picnic Perfect

What are some quick solutions to transform your balcony into a picnic spot? Try this – wooden furniture, portable umbrellas and some plants. For a cosier atmosphere, go for floor seating with rugs and a small table.

Ethnic Touches

Indian D├ęcor can add a pop of fun to any space. And your balcony is no exception. This beautiful combination of Warli Art and colourful pillows is the perfect replication of Indian culture. And the Jhoola is the cherry on top!

With some and planning and patience, even the smallest balconies can become something stunning. Did you love our ideas? Leave your opinions and ideas in the comments below!

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