8 Gym Challenges that Keep Your Member’s Motivation High

 Monthly challenges for your members can give boost them towards their goals. Challenges work for fitness abilities and can be an inclusive way for members to compete with each other. Here are some gym challenges ideas that can work best for your members.

Running challenge

Running a challenge can be a realistic goal for members. This can be 40 miles in 40 days. It’s all up to you how you decide every member’s miles per day giving them some challenging but realistic goals to accomplish. It can be a short run or a long run over a few weeks. Members can track their running with smartwatches. You should also tell them to be hydrated with a Yerba Mate energy drink in between to stay energized and fresh.

AMRAP challenge

AMRAP stands for ‘as many reps as per rounds”. This will be a muscle-shaking challenge that will get your heart pumping. It's a quick workout, so it won’t take so much time for the members. For an AMRAP challenge, you would select several reps for treadmills, burpees, or weight lifting. This challenge can be as long as you want.

Calories burned

Every gym member joined for weight loss and calories burned. So, it can be a challenge for all of the members at once. It’s up to the individual how and when they work out. You can track their calories burned through the tracker, encourage them and let members compete with each other. Remember to use photos for them to show them their progress. In between the reps, members can have a Mate Mate energy drink to stay hydrated and get some energy for more reps.

Cycling challenges

Like the running challenge, the cycling challenge can covers miles and can get fitness progress for members. It is a helpful challenge for non-runners and low-impact exercise and is good for joints. Cycling challenges work for both-in person members and members at home through your cycling classes. You can also track their cycling with Strava and know the progress. For refreshing natural energy, make Yerba Mate tea which is a less caffeinated drink for centuries to support your fitness journey.

Healthy eating challenge

Encourage your members to join the healthy eating challenge and share recipes and food data. There are various apps you can use to log fitness data like myfitnesspal etc. For instance, daily water challenges, eating five a day, and sharing new healthy recipes a week can be challenging and results-oriented. Healthy eating is a realistic and easy and fun-loving challenge for the members. Along with diet, guide them on having energy drinks such as Mate Mate for less caffeine and low sugar content.

Daily Yoga Challenge

Encourage members to do Yoga challenge and do it on daily basis. There are so many Yoga experts online who provide free classes such as “Yoga with Adriene” which provide 30 days of free classes in January. You have the option to create your yoga challenge and stream daily videos.

30-day fitness challenge

This can be one of the challenges for members with varying amounts and intensities for 30 days. Ideas for 30-day fitness challenges include push-ups, sit-ups, squats, exercise, bodyweight, and HIIT exercises. You can cater to a variety of abilities by adopting the exercise. For example, a plank workout can include different positions, timings, and goals depending on your fitness level.

Flexibility Challenge

The flexibility challenge focuses on the flexibility of the members during workouts. It can include daily sets of stretching, and the workout routine of the members during a workout at the gym or at home. By creating this challenge both gym members and in-home members can do more movement per day.

Wrap up

Gym challenges can be easy or complex depending on what results in you want from them. Whether you want to see how many burpees they can do in a minute or run a certain number of miles in a month. By setting realistic goals for members, you can motivate them highly and increase the number of memberships for your gym too.

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