Benefits Of Using A Payment Gateway Software For Your Business

The modern era of technology has given many opportunities for businesses to expand their market reach and increase their revenues. However, if you're relying solely on credit card transactions, this can be a costly endeavour.

Benefits Of Using A Payment Gateway Software For Your Business

For businesses that work online, payment gateway software is becoming a prominent solution. From offering fast and secure payments to increasing your business, there are many benefits of using such software. Here, take a look at the benefits of using payment gateway software by PaymentGateway Inc. for your business:

1)      Save Money by Reducing Transaction Fees

With an e-commerce platform, you'll no longer have to pass those ridiculous processing fees onto the customer. These fees average about 60% of the transaction, so they can add up. This allows you to offer a far more competitive price on your products and services. In addition, a reliable Payment Gateway Software will allow you to make transactions without spending too much money.

2)      Increased Security

With the recent hacking of companies like EBay, Sony and Twitter, security is a top priority for businesses. These thieves are stealing personal information like credit card numbers and social security numbers to commit identity theft and steal identities. This is why payment gateway software protects your customer's data and keeps your company's information safe.

3)      Reduced Risk

You will also have much less risk in accepting payments online with payment gateway software. By using a convenient and secure third-party payment processing merchant account, you'll be able to receive payments online. This means you do not need to accept payments at your bank account, which can be a risk if customers are not allowed to withdraw funds of their own will.

Inbound credit card sales start with buyers researching and wanting to purchase products or services. This is why you should offer them a simple single-step checkout process. In addition, almost every e-commerce business and service rely on payment gateways for processing their payments. 

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