Have a Dazzling Look at These 4-Occasions With Fake Artificial Flowers

The flower business in India is an industry of around 570 Cr. with more than 2 million tones of flowers being discarded and not recycled. If you visit the backyard of a temple or wedding hall the day after a wedding, you can find these tones of flowers discarded that looked beautiful just yesterday. Yes, real flowers have their own space and originality in everyone's life, but if the young generation will not consider the viable option, then who will? When you can use the more realistic option with Artificial flowers, then why not? Artificial flowers look exactly and sometimes even more beautiful than real flowers. The scented plastic flowers can smell the same or better and have many benefits like long life, zero maintenance, cost-effective, easy to clean, reusable, Allergy friendly, no restriction for the season, and many more. So, if you agree, start using artificial flowers for decoration on these occasions to decorate with zero wastage. Also, go through WoodenStreet's high-quality artificial flowers collection to find the most beautiful range of plastic flowers.


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India ranks with weddings too, with more than 10 million in a year. Many of us use real flowers to decorate for every wedding, and most weddings have more than one ritual or function. For example, Hindu weddings have at least 4-functions and a minimum of 50-100 kg of wasted flowers in each. So, consider using artificial flowers for decoration not only because of wastage but the variety and options you will have with even an artificial rose flower is wide. You can get best artificial flowers online or on a rental basis, which will save cost while giving you an adorable look for the wedding. Also, consider changing the bride entry flowers, Varmala, bride's bouquet, and any other ritual flowers with artificial flowers for decoration. For each of these options, you can find a variety of artificial flowers for home decoration on WoodenStreet.


Special Prayers and Temples

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Other than the wedding, the second thing we are proud of is our religious rituals. They are always grand, spiritual, and breathtaking. However, visit any famous worship houses or Pilgrimage places, you will find them decorated with millions of flowers which get replaced with fresh ones every few hours. Starting the use of artificial flowers for decoration will be a long-lasting solution. Decorative Artificial flowers for the home are also easy to clean and will give a mesmerizing look to the temple. After all, god will also favor saving the flowers and not wasting them. So, buy artificial flowers online today to decorate your temple and for prayer rituals. Also, check out WoodenStreet's artificial flower pot collection.


Rose Day/Valentine's Day

artificial flowers for home decoration

These lovers' day captures the market of flowers with a vast production of flowers and wastage of it. Then why not switch with gifting an artificial rose flower, then an original rose flower to our loved ones. They would still appreciate the effort, and plastic flowers will preserve your memory forever. So, buy high quality artificial flowers online in India on valentine's day and every other special day from WoodenStreet, as they will give a discount of 50% and above on artificial flowers online. 



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Festivals such as Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, and Holi also have a market for real flowers. In India, people play Holi with flowers. Changing this ritual is beneficial for us only. As flowers around festivals get expensive with almost double the price, getting best artificial flowers can resolve your issue as you can use them every other time. Also, with plastic flowers variety of options increases, and you can have an aesthetic vibe at every festival. Buy your artificial flower online from WoodenStreet.


Hopefully, the world will soon understand the importance of reducing the wastage of real flowers. Until then, if you agree that switching to artificial flowers is the best alternative, then buy beautiful artificial flowers online on every occasion of life. Your choice will make a difference and let a few flowers live up to their age. To look online, scroll through WoodenStreet's website and find a beautiful collection of artificial flowers online. 

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